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If you are someone who is already healthy, you may be thinking that you don’t need Earthing, however, every man, woman, child and even your pets, no matter what age or race needs this essential connection to the Earth to retain health and vitality – the Earth is a connection you are meant to have from the beginning of time but has been lost over the years through the advancement of our modern ways today. Even things as simple as wearing shoes and living indoors disconnects us from the Earth's healing energy and may have huge consequences on our health.

Earthing is easy, completely free, soothes and heals every single organ system in your entire body from head to toe, inside and out. Is safe and so effective it can help every single person on this planet feel better, sleep better and stay younger longer.  It has been used since the dawn of mankind and has no side effects except for positive healing.

When you walk on the earth with bare feet, swim in the oceans, lay, sit on the earth or use indoor conductive Earthing products you immediately uptake electrons into the body which act like nature’s biggest anti-inflammatories and antioxidants.  Inflammation is a big word today and you usually don’t know it’s there until you get pain, sick or just don’t feel right.  So to be able to knock it down, and put the fire out - so to speak, every single day is a huge benefit as it allows your body to heal and repair itself more normally and efficiently.  Earthing should become part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth, exercising, meditating, etc., as your body is meant to have this very natural connection.  Did you know that feet have the most nerve endings per square inch of skin than any other part of your body and have the densest amount of sweat glands than any other body part as well – so it should be plain to see thast nature has designed you to uptake this vital energy just like the sun gives you vitamin D.



Earthing has been shown to have many benefits, which you may have already read about some on our other pages, however, there a many more and we have put together just some of the most popular ones below - click on the picture below to find out more.  As mentioned in the book, Earthing could be one of the most important discoveries ever and we’ve only just started finding the benefits.

David Wolfe Earthing

David Wolfe, an author, speaker and outspoken authority on health and lifestyle, deems "the common shoe" as perhaps the "world's most dangerous invention.” After fifteen years of nutritional and lifestyle research, he incriminates the shoe as one of the "most destructive culprits of inflammation and autoimmune diseases" in our lives because it separates us from the healing energy of the Earth. "Put a shoe on,” he says, "and it's gone!"

David Wolfe Extract from Going Organic Magazine Title
Shoe Disconnection from the earth

Natural Blood Thinner
Faster Healing Earthing
Sports Recovery
Aids Massage Workers
Jet Lag and Travel

Earthing Starter Pack


The popular starter pack features a money-saving combination of an Earthing Half Sheet made with cotton and conductive silver threads to use on your bed when you sleep, an Earthing Universal Mat for use elsewhere in your home or office during the day, testing equipment so that you know your products are working as well as the Earthing Book, Grounded DVD and Earthing Audio Book CD to fill you in on all the stories, research and evidence behind Earthing.

Whats Earthing

What's Earthing

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