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The Earthing Universal Mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse, or under your desk with bare feet contact

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Anywhere you work, sit or rest, the Earthing™ Universal Mat is one of the greatest things you can do to support your health and maintain wellness.  

The Earthing™ Universal Mat can be used on top of a desk under your keyboard and mouse with your hands resting anywhere on the mat.  Another option is under your desk with bare feet resting on the mat while working on a computer. As well as while on a chair or couch watching TV or playing electronic games.

When working in an office environment we are often surrounded by very high electrical fields from sources such as computers, printers, photocopiers, etc., which some people are sensitve to and may become tired, experience sore eyes, fatigued and lose focus.  By working "grounded", with your feet or hands on the Earthing Mat,  you will greatly reduce this electrical voltage your body is being exposed to. With this electrical charge reduced, your body can stay in a better balanced state which is beneficial to all the cells and tissues in your body.

Great teamed with a pair of Earthing Shoes - keep your shoes on and get the benefits of being Earthed!

Made from Carbon infused leatherette adhered to a PVC and latex free foam backing, measuring 25cm x 68cm.  The mat is conductive on the snap connector side only.


You can see how your body voltage drops when using an Earthing Product in this video - Click Here





Step 1: Check Your Outlets Are Earthed with our Socket Tester:

In order to use your Earthing products through an electrical outlet, you must connect it to the “earth port” of an earthed 3 prong outlet. Before plugging in your Earthing product, check that the outlet is earthed by plugging in the Socket Tester. Three orange lights illuminated is GOOD and means that you have a proper earth and you are ready to connect your Earthing product. Any other light combination means your outlet is NOT properly earthed. Try testing another outlet. If it still doesn’t work, then you will need to use a grounding rod in the optional step 2 below.

Please Note: In Australia it is compulsory by law to have all electrical power outlets Earthed, however, if in doubt for any reason it is easy to check with our socket tester which are inclusive in all our Starter Packs, otherwise you can purchase individually – please click here to order.


Step 2: (Optional) Using The Ground Rod When Outlets Aren't Earthed:

a. First Push the Ground Rod directly into the earth around 20cm to 25cm, close to the foundation of the building and where vegetation is growing or the area is damp.

b. Run the cord from the Ground Rod, under or around a window or door, near where you will be using your product.

c. Make sure to cover the cord to prevent tripping.

d. Plug the prong end of your cord into the receptacle end of the Ground Rod cord. If you live in a dry area, such as a desert, soak the earth around the Ground Rod from time to time for maximum conductivity.


Step 3: Setting Up Your Universal Mat:

a. Decide where you want to use the mat. Your options include almost any place where you work, sit, relax, rest, or sleep. Hence, the name “universal mat.” Just remember that wherever you set it up you need to have some bare skin contact. Set the mat up with the cord connection on the top - this is the conductive side to place your hands or feet.

b. You can use the mat with thin natural fiber socks. When slight perspiration builds up on the feet it will allow the electron transfer to flow through from the mat, through the socks and to the feet, however, bare skin is always the best option.

c. Insert the metal pin end of the Earthing cord into the grey adapter plug supplied, then into a properly earthed wall outlet or if using a Ground Rod, connect to cord of an Earthing ground rod placed in the Earth outside.

d. Snap other end of Earthing cord onto the metal press stud.

e. You must make bare skin contact with the connected mat, in order to receive the Earth’s energy.The mat is conductive on the snap side only.


Step 4: How To Test For Conductivity With The Product Continuity Tester:

The purpose of the tester is to verify that your Earthing Mat is conductive

a. Firstly verify that the Product Tester itself is operational by pressing button that says “press” and release—the small light on front will flash green one time then goes off. Indicates tester is good. If no green light battery (Lithium CR2032) may be flat or unit faulty.

b. Snap Coil Cord included onto Product Tester’s metal press stud, if not already assembled.

c. Insert your grey Earthing Adapter Plug into the power outlet you intend to use with your product.

d. Insert prong end of Product Tester Cord into one receptacle of the adapter plug or if using a Ground Rod, attach a splitter to end of ground rod cord and insert into one of the receptacles.

e. Plug Earthing cord from Mat into the other receptacle. You should now have both the Earthing Mat and Tester connected to the plug that is in a power outlet.

f. Place product tester flat on the mat. The round metal plate must be in contact with surface of the mat. Press firmly on the mat to obtain a good contact and press down on the "Press" button. A green light means that mat is in working order. In unlikely case that no green light comes on, the mat may be defective or has lost conductivity and should be replaced – you should also check your connecting cords to make sure they are conductive as well (see below).

Sometimes, people have difficulty testing their products. If the light doesn’t come on, place one hand on the product while holding the tester in the other hand and with one finger on the silver button on back of tester. A green light would show that the body is grounded when touching the product. Make sure that both the tester and the product are plugged in to the earth, as described above. You can also put some moisture on your finger tips to create a better contact.

g. Disconnect product tester from the adapter plug or ground rod. However, it is fine to leave plugged in to test when needed later on

h. You don’t have to test your products often. Perhaps after cleaning. The more you use the tester, the sooner the batteries in the tester will expire, replace battery (Lithium CR2032) by unscrewing the back panel.

Test Your Product Cords For Conductivity:

  1. Replace the coil cord already on the product tester with the cord to be tested.
  2. Touch the metal pin of the testing cord to the back of the metal disk on the tester
  3. Hold down and press the “Press” button for at least 3 seconds.
  4. A green light indicates that the cord is in good working order.


Step 5: How To Wash and Care For Your Earthing Mat

To clean the mat, simply wipe down the mat using a non corrosive cleaner or warm water on a regular basis. Do not use chlorine bleach or liquid fabric softener, or any detergent containing bleach or fabric softener, chemicals that can ruin the conductivity of the mat. Do not apply lotions, creams, or oils to the skin before bedtime on parts of your body that will be in contact with the Earthing mat. Such substances oxidize and can damage conductivity. Air dry the mat only,

Watch Video on How To Set Up:

Carbon infused leatherette adhered to a PVC and latex free foam backing, measuring 25cm x 68cm.  The mat is conductive on the snap connector side only.

4.5 meter straight cord for connection.


Brand Earthing
Shipping Weight 0.4200kg
Unit Of Measure ea

More energy at work.

By: on 8 March 2018
Getting this mat gives me 2 extra hours of energy when working sedentary in a fluorescent office space which normally tires me out typing all day in that kinda lights. I only start to lose focus at 5pm instead of 3pm so its awesome. It's also a good non-preachy way of starting a conversation with others about earthing and its benefits. Fully Recommend.

Clear results ...

By: on 20 February 2018
After using an earthing mat from barefoothealing.com.au and an earthing sheet, I experienced much better sleep. I have been reading the earthing book and started walking barefoot as much as possible - before purchasing earthing products. On the first day, I slept better, but after one month, I now can clearly feel the difference. I used to run to the toilet all night and blow my nose every morning. Now during most nights, I sleep through, even if I drink 3 cups of tea before bedtime. Last weekend I slept in an ungrounded bed for 3 days - and did not have a grounding mat - and the symptoms returned. On Monday, already during the day I felt the change again after being grounded, so bought another earthing mat for my second place. I have used probiotics for the last 3 years (Kefir and Kombucha), did TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), and have done Yoga, Qigong, Shaolin Kung Fu and Tibetan Dzogchen (Shamatha) meditation all my life. However, the additional grounding (walking barefoot on the beach and in my backyard, having an earthing mat at my laptop and couch and an earthing sheet in my bed) improved my sleep and my general health significantly. In general, out of all things I tried in order to heal Asthma, dust / pollen allergy and inflammation, besides the use of probiotics / change of diet - Grounding / Earthing had the most significant results.


By: on 18 May 2015
It has become an essential to use whilst in clinic, assisting with grounding and the cleansing process of myself and the client. I feel less fatigued and mentally clearer. I work in the city and catch trains, after a day's work I can literally feel this positive charge shed downwards or be pulled from my body. My partner uses it at work whilst on the computer and has noticed after a full day's work on the computer she's less fatigued. The bed sheet is interesting. We have been experiencing dreams all night, most nights. More vivid dreaming that we have ever had before. Our interest sparked in this product after receiving a hair analysis by Carl Montgomery, he's whom suggested your product. Our reading showed high levels of EMF exposure. Let's hope these levels are looking a little more healthy next check up

Add to wellbeing

By: on 5 January 2015
With Grounding sheets working well this product compliments the release of static electricity while we work at our computers

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