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For massage therapists and bodyworkers, chronic inflammation is an occupational hitman. It is the cause of carpal tunnel; tendonitis; painful fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders; and a host of other work-related overuse injuries. Living with inflammation-related pain is the curse of the profession and few in the industry are spared.

Another common problem for therapists is that of absorbing the stress, inflammation, and pain from clients. This absorption is a negative transfer that drains stamina and strength. These realities of daily work life and a lack of effective relief prompt many therapists to leave their profession prematurely due to burnout.

Now, however, effective relief from a surprising source is catching on throughout the professional spa and body industry. Specifically, growing numbers of therapists, spa owners, and massage therapy schools have discovered that grounding the bodyworker’s table with a conductive carbon pad can discharge a client’s stress instantly and significantly reduce or eliminate the inflammation and pain affecting the therapist.

The great news for massage therapists is that the Earthing Mat that can be used on massage tables. When the mat is placed under the table’s cover sheet, the client, who lies on the table, becomes instantly grounded, thus draining his or her inflammation. This drainage prevents the therapist from becoming charged with the client’s stress and inflammation.

Massage Therapist Stephanie Gombrelli

Eighty-five percent of my work is as an aesthetician, is doing mostly facials and eyelash extensions. As we all do in this profession, we bend over clients a lot and, in my case, it was causing neck strain. I would go for chiropractic treatment once a week for relief. I have had a grounding pad on my table for more than three months. The neck pain is gone. I just don’t get the aches and pains in my hands as before. I am not tired and my workdays seem more effortless. I am enjoying my work more and have more energy to enjoy myself after hours. The more grounding I do, the better I feel. In short, the issues I had before just don’t rise to the same level, stress me out, or take up my attention. My clients seem happier, there is less negative energy, and I feel less drained. Moreover, my clients are falling asleep on the table much more than they ever did before and they tell me that they had a great snooze. It is a real complement and sense of accomplishment for a therapist when clients fall asleep on the table. It means they are really comfortable

Stephanie Gombrelli owner of Forever Beautiful Spa in Santa Barbara
Grounding Massage Mat


The Earthing Massage Mat is the same as the Universal Mat and is made of 100% eco friendly and recyclable TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) and has a soft leathery feel and measures approximately 32cm x 99cm.  The Earthing Universal/Massage Mat is excellent for all massage therapists and body workers. 

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What's Earthing

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