Body Bands and Patches

Earthing Body Bands and Patches can be used anywhere you stretch, work out, sit, relax, or sleep and are a great, inexpensive, introduction to experience the benefits of Earthing.

Help ease pain and inflammation in specific parts of your body, such as hands, feet, arms, thighs or shoulder with our Body Bands and Patches or use to ground the whole body.   Can be used with all other products or stand alone.  Portable and easy to use, allowing some movement with cord stretching up to 6 metres.  Please note that all bands and Patches must still be connected back to an Earthed outlet with the adapter plug or a ground rod. 

Reduce pain and inflammation in specific part of your body with our Body Bands.  Place around arms, hands, feet and lower legs for direct Earthing.

Strip of 3 patches

Strip of 3 patches


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