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Our new upgraded PJR Erthe369 Grounding Shoe Straps allow your "everyday" shoes to be grounded - this means you get the earth's energy through your feet when on a conductive surface as you would if you were barefoot. New layer and double the durability.

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Get the health benefits of barefoot walking on the earth while wearing your favourite shoes.

Rubber soles on your joggers, school shoes, work shoes and everyday shoes block the flow of electricity dissipating from your body to the ground as well as prevent the movement of healing electrons from the earth to electrically balance your body which has been shown to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process. By simply using the Erthe Grounding Strap on your shoes or joggers you will be Earthed when walking on grass, soil, gravel, stone, sand, concrete footpaths and sidewalks as well as unsealed outdoor natural paving and tiles.

With the new Australian Made Erthe Strap, you can ground all your favourite shoes, whether you're running, walking, at school, playing team sports, enjoying our beautiful outdoors, and even teaming up with your work shoes to combine with our Universal Office Mat and be grounded while at work. This will allow your body to discharge built-up electricity and uptake the flow of electrons so that your body can naturally heal and repair, as it is meant to if we were barefoot.

The Erthe Straps are particularly helpful for athletes as Grounding has been shown to result in faster recovery and less pronounced markers of muscle damage and inflammation.

Features of the new PRJ:Erth369 Strap

All new Thermo-flex base:

This new layer allows for greater flexibility and conformity around difficult surfaces.  This means the tab of the strap moulds tightly to the shoe sole.  Tip:  For shoe soles with no smooth surfaces, try applying some heat to the tab with a heat gun while fitting.  This will activate the Termo-flex layer further for a welded-on finish.

Double Layer:

The extra layer of self-healing polymer gives the erth369 double the durability of its predecessor.

Better Contact:

Super conductive (200-ohm resistance) layer with larger contact points means grounding on all surfaces. 


  • Each pack includes 2 x PJR: erthe369 Straps
  • Colour - Black 
  • Approximately over 500km of use - double the older version, however, and this will depend on your individual circumstances.
  • It is Ok to just have one strap on one shoe to be grounded.
  • It is OK to wear socks with the shoes you are wearing, however, it is always best to wear cotton socks if possible.  


Articles and Studies:


Bootstrap Image Preview
Erthe Strap

Approximately over 500km of use - double the older version, however, and this will depend on your individual circumstances.

2 x PRJ erthe369 Black Straps

Brand Erthe
Shipping Weight 0.1300kg

The parent company cannot give a guarantee for wear and tear on the straps but expects them to last for approximately 6-8 months depending upon individual circumstances so they will have to be replaced on a regular basis.  This will depend upon how often they are used, where on the sole of the shoe the strip is placed and on the ground, it is making contact with.  Please read the instructions on the package. 

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