Grounding Thongs

Pluggz Thongs for women is a feminine flip flop style and designed with the Pluggz proprietary “plug” technology for grounding yourself.  That is the sole of the Thong has a carbonised disk that allows the electrons from the earth to flow directly through the soles to your feet. The generously cut soles are made of high-quality rubber for comfort and long wear. All feature satin sheen matching straps and arches embedded in the footbed for extra support. Great for everyday outdoor use, beaches, vacations and cruises, etc. Get connected to the natural grounding benefits of the earth with comfort and protection.   Available in Black and limited colours in Silver and Gold.

The Pluggz Men's Thongs have a soft woven strap and are available in Black and Brown and have the same carbonised disk embedded in the sole.

Please Note:  If you have super sensitive feet, the disk may be noticeable, however, in the majority of cases it is felt as soft and pleasant.

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