Could NDD be a cause of sickness today and how Earthing can help?

Wow! What a wonderful long weekend we had in Melbourne at the MBS sharing the wonderful benefits that indoor Earthing Products can provide.  One thing that did standout is that many people are suffering from pain, fatigue, poor sleep and just feeling downright awful and not really knowing why.

There is a new term being used today to describe modern day illnesses called NDDNature Deficit Disorder!  We have basically become so disconnected from Nature and are living in a busy, fast paced artificial world and this is definitely having consequences on our health and well-being as we are not getting those valuable electrons (nature's biggest antioxidant) into our body to repair and heal on a daily basis.

While waiting to travel back to Sydney I started reading newspapers in the hotel lobby and here a just a few headings I noticed...

“SICK KIDS CRISIS – Hospital emergency departments can’t keep up with the influx of sick children…..”
- Kids are getting more old age disease complaints at such young ages - is this because they are constantly in shoes, indoors more and being subjected to EMR's 24/7 from computers, TV, electronic games and social media?

“Men Feel Money Strain – Finances a leading cause of stress and health woes.”
- Stress is one of the biggest killers today and if we can lower stress with better, deeper sleep and a calmer nervous system we can allow our body to heal and repair much better, keeping our immune system healthy.  Earthing helps with stress by keeping our cortisol levels balanced and promoting a parasympathetic nervous system as well as regulating our sleep cycles so that we go into a deeper and healthier sleep.
“Why Sleep Is Better Than Sex”
- Sleep is so important - without a good night's sleep nothing is a effective as it could be.  Without good sleep you are tired all the time, you can't think straight, your stress levels balloon, every problem seems bigger than it is and you basically just lose you mojo for life, big time.

“Flats Take Over as Preferred Housing”
- We are now living in more condensed housing, higher off the ground without gardens and spending more time indoors enjoying our shinny patio gardens which is totally disconnected from mother earth and separating us from Earth's healing energies..

The most alarming fact here is that kids are getting sicker at such young ages with chronic illnesses and Doctors can’t seem to help.  This is why, in regards to current research, it is so important to sleep earthed at night and put your body back into a balanced electrical state so it can heal and repair how it is meant to and deep sleep is the best time to do this.  When the body heals and repairs each night we can help put out the fire of potential damaging inflammation and keep it at bay.  Inflammation has been linked as the root cause of most modern illnesses today and it has risen enormously over the last 50 years as our lifestyles have become more artifical and indoor orientated - see graph below . Remember Earthing can be considered as Natures biggest Anti-Inflammatory and help reduce inflammation in your body.

Obviously due to our busy, modern lifestyles we are not spending enough time barefoot outdoors anymore and this is why Indoor Conductive Earthing Products are so practical.  Indoor Earthing Products, such as the conductive sheets and mats merge technology and nature together so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and lets your body cope in this modern technological age without disrupting your lifestyle.

We have a great bonus offer this month – when you buy any sheets or recovery bag, excluding starter packs, you will receive a free mini body band kit.  The mini body band kits contain a small conductive band, a strip of conductive patches, a cord and a plug so that you can Earth at other times apart from sleeping such as while watching TV, at your computer, while relaxing and even while using electric exercise equipment. The bands are also fantastic at targeting pain in specific areas such as wrists, arms, legs and feet.  The patches can be used in more hard to reach areas such as behind the neck or ears, underarms and in groin areas, etc.  Overall this is a great little kit to have on hand for all your aches and pains and or to be earthed/grounded when it suits you.
Please remember in today's busy world with so much electronic technology bombarding us 24/7 and throwing our body's own internal electrical system out of balance we need to be Earthed as much as possible to maintain a healthy balanced body and keep inflammation at bay.

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