Anti-Radiation Shielded Mobile Phone Pouch

Block penetrating radiation by up to 99.9%

Reduces Radiation

Protects from wear

Handy size

The NanoTech Pouch dramatically reduces your body's close contact exposure to mobile phone radiation as well as protects your phone from scratches and wear. The Pouch can also be used to protect magnetic credit and ID cards from remote scanning and theft

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Wallet Size 10cm x19.2cm x 1.8cm
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Wallet Size 10cm x19.2cm x 1.8cm
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NanoTech Pouches

The NanoTech Pouches dramatically reduce your body's close contact exposure to mobile phone radiation as well as protects the phone from scratches and wear and tear.  The pouch will also protect magnetic Credit Cards and ID Cards from remote scanning and theft.

  • 99.9% of the radiation is blocked from penetrating through the case to your body
  • Opens and closes securely with a velcro flap
  • Slips easily in and out of a trouser or jacket pocket
  • Handy to carry in a handbag
  • Fits large smartphones and some plus-sized smartphones as well.
  • Wallet size is 10cm (Inside approx 9cm)  x 19.2cm (Inside approx 16cm) x 1.8cm or 3.94in x 6.38in x 0.71in

How It Works:

The interior lining of the pouch is woven from silver-coated threads (using nano-technology) which, being metallic prevents mobile phone radiation from penetrating.

Two Pockets In the Pouch:

The Outer Pocket (shielded on one side only):  Stops 99.9% of the radiation from penetrating the pouch and exposing the body.  The phone will still receive and send calls, data and text, etc.

The Inner Pocket  (shielded on both sides): Stops 99.9% of phone radiation in ALL directions.  The phone will NOT receive or send calls, data or text as the signal is blocked.  This is a handy feature if you need to quickly slip your phone in and out of use without going through the process of turning it on and off.



  • Wallet size Outside is 10cm x 19.2cm x 1.8cm or 3.94in x 6.38in x 0.71in  
Brand Nano Technology
Shipping Weight 0.0999kg

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