CS Wi-Fi Modem Radiation Bag

Reduce Radiation from your Wi-Fi Modem

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Reduce Radiation

Less EMR Stress

Installs Quickly

Wi-Fi Modem Radiation Reducing Bag – Suitable for use with all Home and office Wi-Fi Modems

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Why use the Modemsafe?

Your WiFi modem emits radiation 24 hours a day and with some modems, switching the modem off when not in use is sometimes not an option.  Shield yourself from RF exposure from WiFi modems with the ModemSafe by Cellsafe.

How to use the Modemsafe

The ModemSafe is made from flexible, breathable RF shielding material and is designed to minimise RF radiation from all Wi-Fi  modems.  Generously proportioned at 30cm x 25cm x 10cm the ModemSafe simply slips over the top of the modem.

Be safer with the Modemsafe

The long term health effects of prolonged exposure to RF radiation are still unknown so why take chances? Installs in seconds with no need to disconnect modem.  If you sit next to a WiFi modem at home or at work, have one in your bedroom, or if you have children in the house, then the Modemsafe is the ideal solution  to limit unnecessary Wi-Fi RF exposure.

Note: You may experience some loss of signal strength when the Modemsafe is applied so please bear this in mind if you are using devices a long way away from your modem.


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Substantial Drop

By: on 14 January 2019
I live in an apartment and have my modem situated in the kitchen, which gives me the best coverage when the modem is turned on. I am also electro-sensitive. Using an EnviroSens ENV RD-10 meter, I was able to detect a substantial drop in the range of harmful Radio Frequencies (RF) from my modem, when it is turned on, without affecting its use:- > with the Modem Safe cover off - I can detect harmful RF’s over 100 mW/m² (milliwatts per square metre), using the RD-10 meter, out to about 2.5 metres from the modem > with the Modem Safe cover on - I can detect harmful RF’s over 100 mW/m² (milliwatts per square metre), using the RD-10 meter, only out to about 30 cm from the modem

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