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Use On Body

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The Earthing band can be worn on your head, arm or legs to connect you to the earth's energy. Please note this band does not come with connections and is for someone who already has a cord and plug - see our other kits.

Need Extras?

The Earthing band can be worn on your head, arm or legs to connect you to the earth's energy anywhere you stretch, work out, sit, relax, or sleep and is an inexpensive introduction to experience the wellness benefits of Earthing.

The medium-large body band is excellent for targetting pain and inflammation in particular areas such as knees, thighs, upper arms and shoulder or can be used to ground the whole body at any time.  The bands can be used in conjunction with any other Earthing product.

The bands are adjustable with velcro and contain conductive silver fibres on the inside that ground the body when they are connected to an Earthed outlet.

Maximum circumference:  58cm (23")

Minimum circumference:   28cm (11")


Please Note:  For this product to be conductive you will need to have 1 x Coil Cord, 1 x Adapter plug   OR  1 x Ground Rod


Ideal to use in conjunction with your Earthing™ Mat or Earthing™ Sheet to target pain at a particular spot. Eg. use the body band while sleeping on an Earthing™ Sheet or watching TV.

106cm (42′) adjustable Band
Colours will vary pink or blue - orange is out of stock

Brand Earthing
Shipping Weight 0.0600kg
Unit Of Measure ea

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