Elektra Magnesium Cream for Pets

A Soothing Natural Formula For Itchy Skin

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Stop itchy and irritating skin with Elektra magnesium cream to soothe affected areas. Particularly good for dogs and horses and aids in the healing process. A blend of natural plant butters and oils infused with magnesium, herbs and neem oil.

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Irritation caused by constant scratching and biting can cause the fur to recede in that area on a pet. Magnesium Pet Cream is particularly helpful for dogs or horses with itchy eczema type skin irritations, sandfly or mosquito bites, or nervous system disorders. Comes in a 50g Jar.


Apply about 1 teaspoon of  Elektra Magnesium Cream for Pets as needed to the afflicted area.
After rubbing in about one teaspoon the skin itching calms down and the animal stops scratching or scratches less.  

Apply regularly every day until the inflammation subsides and the skin returns to normal with fur growing back.
While it may tingle, this is a temporary sensation that fades quickly.

Avoid application to broken skin, as it may sting. Instead, apply to nearby areas.
Pet Magnesium Cream is the same formula, but with extra neem oil and contains 15% magnesium chloride salts. 

 Elektra Magnesium Cream is non-toxic and contains no parabens, animal products or petrochemical ingredients.


50g Jar

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