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The Grounding Erthe Shoe Strap fits all shoes to remove electrical tension and connect you back to the healing energies of the Earth. Rubber soles block the flow of electrons from the earth but with the Erthe Strap, you can get reconnected every day!

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New Updated PRJ20 strap. This new revolutionary protective surface defends against wear of the conductive layers and ensures the durability of the strap which exceeds all previous designs. Pack contains one strap in black/space grey.
Rubber soles on your joggers, school shoes, work shoes and everyday shoes block the flow of electricity dissipating from your body to the ground as well as prevent the movement of healing electrons from the earth to electrically balance your body which has been shown to reduce inflammation and speed the healing process.  

Now with the introduction on the new Australian Made Erthe PRJ20 Strap, you can ground all your favourite shoes, whether you're running, walking, at school, playing team sports, enjoying our beautiful outdoors, and even teaming up with your work shoes to combine with our Universal Office Mat and be grounded while at work. Now it's easy to convert any of your shoes to grounding shoes, even those that have to wear orthotics in their shoes.

When attached to the soles of your shoes, you will naturally reconnect to the abundance of the earth's free energy that lies right beneath your feet and will help eliminate static electrical buildup - no more electrical shocks from metal. This happens when you walk directly on the ground - whether it is grass, soil, sand, gravel, stone, unsealed tiles and concrete footpaths and sidewalks.  It is OK to wear socks with the shoes you are wearing, however, it is always best to wear cotton socks if possible.  
The straps also contain certain materials that in a minuscule second will dissipate static electrical buildup even on non-conductive synthetic surfaces such as carpet, wooden floors, rubber floors as in a gymnasium, etc., due to the Tribo Effect.

Now you can be grounded with the protection, comfort and style of your favourite shoes.
One Colour only - Black/Grey.  Package contains 1 strap and full instructions on how to adhere to shoes. 
Listen to the founder, George Ioannou, discuss his grounding journey and why he developed the Erthe Strap with The Mindstrong Project's Harvey Martin and NFL linebacker for the Houston Texans, Brian Peters:


Hints and Tips: 

  • Only one strap needs to be adhered to one shoe to be grounded.
  • If wearing Orthodics, do not stick the strap down firmly on the inside of the shoe.  Move it on and off a few times so that the stickiness is reduced and it does not adhere.  Therefore you can remove your orthotic inserts when needed and replace again.  The pressure of your heel will keep the strap in place.
  • Wearing silver infused socks such as specialised Golf Socks or our Earthing Socks will allow you to ground quicker when using the Erthe Strap on your shoes.
  • Only clean the area on the shoe sole, with the provided cleaner wipe, as this helps bond the strap to the heel area.  The strap will stick effectively elsewhere on the shoe and will make it easier to take off when replacing the strap.
  • If possible, wait at least 48 hours before you start walking with the Erthe Strap adhered to your shoe for better longevity.
  • Be aware that the Erthe strap may wear
  • down faster on rougher surfaces, heavy pounding, distances travelled and even your weight.  The manufacturers suggest they should last about 7 months.
  • To replace, simply peel off the old strap and adhere the new one.


Articles and Studies

Effectiveness of Grounded Sleeping on Recovery After Intensive Eccentric Muscle Loading

Grounding Speeds Athletic Recovery and Healing

Earthing Speeds Sports/Training Recovery, Lessens Muscle Damage and Inflammation


Instructions for the erthe strap

Contains 1 x Erthe Strap

Japanese writing says 'Australia to Tokyo' as they were to be used for the Toyko Olympic athletes, however, this will not happen now until 2021 due the Covid-19

Brand Erthe
Shipping Weight 0.0900kg

The manufacturer offers no warranty with this product, unless faulty on arrival.  The manufacturer has advised that the strap should last for around 7 months and will then need to be replaced.  However, due to individual circumstances, each wearer will have a different life span of their strap which may be less due to the ruggedness of the ground upon walking, the shoe being subjected to water and even the weight of the wearer.

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