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Check your body voltage

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Test Body Voltage

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Check your body voltage when connected to an Earthing product.

The Multimeter is used to measure the amount of electrical voltage you are being exposed to when EARTHED and Not Earthed.

Test how all your Earthing Products reduce your voltage around the home and office.

Easy "how-to" instruction brochure included or click here to read now.

This Pack includes an added Alligator Clip for easier connection to Earthing products.



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By: on 1 June 2015
This product allowed me to confirm that there is a build-up within the body and see the difference between using the earthing product and not using it. I use it also to double check that the product is correctly plugged in and working and it is very easy to use once I get the plugs in the right place. (I have poorly functioning hands so it is difficult for me to insert plugs effectively.) For me it creates 'peace of mind' but if you have earthing friends, it is a product that could easily be shared.

Can not get the reading I want

By: on 31 August 2014
Hi Barefoot. I have watched the video on YouTube 10 times, and I do not get the results anything like you do. What I want to do is check my body voltage, nice and simple , stand outside in my normal shoes on the grass, not earthed, Take my shoes off and stand on the grass bare footed, now I am earthed, how do I get my body voltage? so I can show people what I am doing, and how it works. At the moment I just say, I cannot use the multimeter. My wife & I use wrest bands to sleep, and earthing mats to watch TV, and for the computa. Keep up the good work. Kind regards. Ray Haagensen
(4) Response
Hello Ray Thanks for your comments and it looks like your loving the science of Earthing. To do the multimeter test outside correctly you will need an Earthing Rod or copper rod pushed into the Earth with the multimeter's metal alligator clip attached to the rod. The rod taking the place of the plug and power outlet. You should then be able to re-produce the test outside the same as inside. Hope this works for you now.

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