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The RadBlocker Shielding Card sits in your pocket where you carry your phone to reduce up to 60% exposure to harmful EMF radiation penetrating your body. It doesn't matter which way the card faces. Can also use in your phone wallets.

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RadBlocker Shielding Card (Phone Radiation Protection Card)  ***Free Standard Shipping Australia Wide For Card Only***


The RadBlocker Shielding Card sits in your pocket to buffer between you and your mobile phone and blocks up to 60% of the harmful EMF radiation that is emitted by your phone from penetrating your body.


The Shielding Card is a slim plastic-coated card, consisting of ultra-fine radiation blocking materials. The card comfortably fits into your pocket or into a mobile phone wallet or pouch. Dimensions:  Approx.15cm x 7cm


The Radblocker Shielding Card can also double as an Anti-radiation case. Simply slip it inside the front cover of your own wallet style phone case (where banknotes are stored; see below). When the flip is closed the card will then cover the whole face of the phone. Whenever you’re talking with your phone against your ear, talk with the wallet closed and the shield will be a 60% radiation buffer between the phone and your ear.


Please Note that not all wallet cases have this pocket. The card may need to be trimmed with scissors or tin snips to fit your size phone case. Please check that microphones and speakers will not be blocked when the wallet case flap is closed.


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