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A captivating documentary following a National Geographic film maker.

This captivating documentary follows a National Geographic filmmaker who finds relief from pain and aches using the earth as a healing source of free electrons. Helping his community in Alaska, he expands his circle of people who are eager to learn about the effects of grounding. Featuring David Suzuki, Clint Ober, Dr. Mercola, and other leaders, naturalists, and health visionaries.

"Steve Kroschel, an award winning Alaskan film maker has created an entertaining 74 minute film entitled "Grounded" showing the powerful impact of Earthing on the residents in a small Alaskan town"


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Poor presentation of a worthwhile subject

By: on 18 November 2015
Have watched both Grounding DVD's and unfortunately feel the same about both of them. They are poorly organised, disjointed and the production is quite amateurish. Before anyone thinks I have a vested interest in discrediting grounding, I would like to say I am a huge fan of reconnecting with the earth. I have enjoyed being barefoot most of my life and am embracing this connection more and more. I exercise outdoors, barefoot and love it. I recently bought a grounding recovery bag and possibly have found some benefit. It's a little too soon to see if my reaction to the bag is the placebo effect or something more profound, but I'm certainly willing to be a guinea pig on myself. The DVD production appears to be made by a bunch of high school kids that have thrown some ideas together without having decided on a definitive outcome of the film, beyond, a hippy philosophy of "earthing is good man, just do it". A constructive analytical in depth point by point process, detailing before and after effects, both short and long term, on people using the earthing technology, would have given so much more validity to the argument of using it. Not showing detailed quantifiable data only adds to my skeptical view that earthing has some definite merit but it's long term effects may not be as extraordinary as claimed.
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Thanks Darren for your review of "The Grounded 2" also now called "Heal For Free". We have been grateful that the promoters of these movies have allowed us to bring them into Australia so that we have been able to share with our customers. In regards to your comments, we would have to agree in part with you, however, you must remember this movie was put together totally by an independent film maker and not by Clint Ober the founder of Earthing and Indoor Earthing Products. We ourselves would have liked to have seen more of the amazing facts, study data and research as well as more about how it all came about from Clint Ober presented in both movies, however, these movie were put together and funded from another's point of view. While it may not be as factual as some people would like, a lot of people, who may not normally be into "natural healing methods" have found them interesting and the films have actually changed their view of connecting to the Earth, however, the biggest thing is that they now have awareness they can put into practice if they choose to do so and for many people Earthing has benefited their lives immensely. Hopefully down the track one of our brilliant Australian film makers may put together a better and more informative movie on Earthing!


By: on 25 August 2014
I was suitably impressed with the quality of this documentary, both in production and in information.


By: on 1 January 2014
Very interesting indeed. I shall use the DVD as a reference when speaking to others about earthing - and in fact have already done so. Regards, MC

Best DVD ever

By: on 31 December 2013
I was enthralled by this DVD. It makes good sense with the exception of the reference to evolution. We were created by a loving God and that is why when man doesn't interfere with the natural things there is a perfect balance in nature. The best DVD I have ever watched. Irene B

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