Vest Anti-Radiation UNIVERSAL Wallet

Compatible With Most Mobile Phones

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Minimizes Radiation

Phone Protection

Credit Card Slots

The Vest Anti-Radiation Universal Wallet Cases are an attractive, sturdy, high-quality PU wallet case that protects you from absorbing high levels of mobile phone radiation. Fits a variety of phone brands, models and sizes. See below.

Vest Anti-Radiation Large Universal Wallet

The Vest anti-radiation wallet cases keep you, your phone and your identity & credit cards safe and will minimize your exposure from your mobile phone by up to 98% when on a call or carrying the phone. Compatible with many brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Google Pixel, Sony, Nokia, HTC, OnePlus, ZTE, Telstra, Optus and more. (See below)



  • Minimizes radiation exposure by up to 98% when on a call or carrying
  • Fits a variety of phone brands, models and sizes
  • Bump and Shock Protection:  Prevents damage from knocks and drops
  • FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven.
  • 3 card slots for credit cards and ID
  • Full-length inner pocket for storage of cash
  • Complete access to all port, buttons, camera, speaker, and microphone
  • RFID Credit Card and Identity Protection: Prevents scanners skimming credit cards
  • Magnetic clasp to hold wallet closed
  • High-quality PU Material
  • Eco-friendly recyclable packaging


  • Large Universal Case fits phones up to 16.4cm tall x 8.3cm wide. 
  • Medium Universal Case fits phones up to 14.8cm tall x 7.7cm wide.



The phone attaches to the case via an adhesive panel.

If you intend to constantly remove your phone from the wallet it is advisable to purchase an inexpensive clear case and fix this to the adhesive panel so that your phone can easily be removed from the clear case without diminishing the adhesive. 



Slide the phone up and lock it in the elevated position to take photos. Slide it down back inside the wallet when you've finished.


COMPATIBLE WITH MANY BRANDS such as  Apple, Samsung, Google, Oppo, Huawei, Sony, Nokia, LG, HTC, Meizu, Honor, OnePlus, ZTE, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Techno, Infinix, Gionee, Micromax, Lenovo, Vivo, HMD, Telstra, Optus, Motorola, CAT, Doro, Vodafone, Acer, Binatone, Wileyfox, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and phone models such as the P30, Galaxy A series, Galaxy J series, Z6, Redmi, Galaxy Note series, Mate, Pixel, iPhone SE, iPhone 5/5S and many more.



The front flap contains metal elements that block electromagnetic radiation penetrating through it by up to 98%.  Use your phone with the wallet closed to block radiation while on a call.  Keep the cover closed and the phone face down if storing in a pocket.



Independent testing is undertaken by Vest Technology but a simple test of the shielding technology is also available as follows: With your anti-radiation wallet case closed and a credit card stored inside, attempt to purchase something using Tap and Go at your local store. The wallet cover will block the radiation from the scanner from reading your card. This signal-blocking technology is the same technology that also blocks the radiation from your phone.



Once attached the phone cannot be detached without damage to the case. To remove the case in the future we recommend purchasing a five dollar HARD phone case from phone pop up shops, discount shops or ebay to place on the phone before fixing it inside the anti-radiation wallet case. (Alternatively you may have received a clear phone case when you purchased your new mobile phone – check in box, which you can also use).

Ensure surfaces are clean and any protective layer has first been removed – please check both the wallet case and also the clear cover (if using) for protective layers.

The wallet case adhesive panel slides up and down to take photos with. Please ensure it is in the down position before fixing your phone cover/ph


The front cover of the Vest Anti-Radiation Wallet Case is integrated with a laminated metal foil which successfully blocks electromagnetic radiation from penetrating through it by up to 98%. The metal foil is visible through the window in the bottom corner of the front cover of the wallet.

Talk with the front panel closed so that the foil blocks phone radiation exposure to the head. If storing your phone in a pocket or next to the body, position the wallet front cover between the phone and body to block radiation to the body.


The panel slides up to elevate the phone for easy photography.

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