Father's Day Gifts

Fathers Day


Universal Mat
Universal Mat
Use the Universal Mat to help eliminate EMF Stress while working at a computer or use while watching TV to help relieve pain and stress. Bring the outside inside for your dad!
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Mens Thongs
Men's Earthing Thongs
Get the grounding benefits of walking barefoot while protecting your foot while outdoors.
Available in black and brown.
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Sleep Mat
Earthing Sleep Mat
Easy care and long lasting Sleep Mat that is placed under your standard fitted sheet.  Sleep grounded every night to reduce pain & inflammation & promote a deeper sleep.
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body band kit
Earthing Body Band Kit
Target pain and inflammation with our Earthing Bands and Patches  which fit around wrist, ankle, leg, arms and shoulder area.  Use the patches for hard to reach areas.
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Ipad Case
Radiation Blocking iPad/Table Cases
Use your iPad knowing its blocking harmful radiation that is emitted from the back of the unit. Available in 3 colours. Laptop shields also available
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Mobile Phone Protection
Radiation Protecting Mobile Phone Wallets & Airtube Headsets
Block mobile phone radiation by up to 98%.  Be safe while still enjoying the benefits of technology.  Available in various colours.
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Cellsafe Chip
Cellsafe Radiation Chips for Mobile Phones
Reduce radiation by up to 97%.  Attaches to back of phone and is wafer thin allowing you to keep your favourite covers. Availabe for most phone types.
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Reduce Radiation Exposure from WiFi 
If you have to sit close to a WiFi Modem, Modemsafe's new shielding covers is designed to minimise RF Radiation for all WiFi modems. Simply slips over the modem..
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Laptop Stand
Lazy Laptop Stand
Keep your laptop off your body with this handy Laptop Stand, tucks neatly under lounge keeping area free of trip hazards.  Conveniently swivels in and out and height adjustable.
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