Elanra Air Pendant

Elanra Air Pendant Small Portable Ioniser

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Better Sleep

Less Stress

Faster Recovery

Breath, sleep and be better with Elanra Negative Ionisers. Wear the pendant while travelling, at home, work, school, or driving. Choose from black or white


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Fully portable, this Elanra Air Pendant is worn comfortably around the neck providing you with unrestricted freedom and therapeutic benefits while travelling, at home, school, general hospital wards, rest homes, shopping or driving. Perfect for people on the go delivering the recognised benefits of nature's own negative ions of oxygen anywhere, anytime.

After 4 years in development, the revolutionary Elanra Air Pendant is the world's most advanced personal Ioniser.  Elanra is the only product in the world, which produces small enough negative ion electrons that can be ingested by the human body and are also trans-dermal, across variable frequencies to suit the user’s specific health requirements.

The Pendant features 9 easily programmed individual settings including 3 output levels and 3 different frequencies:-

  • Improving health and wellbeing and assisting recovery from illness (4Hz) 
  • Improving sleep and concentration (10Hz)
  • Increasing energy and vitality (25Hz)


Set the Elanra Air Pendant to 4Hz whilst reading or watching a movie on the plane.  Set the Pendant to 10Hz whilst you enjoy a restful sleep and then 1 hour before you land, increase your energy by setting the oxygen frequency to 25Hz.

The Elanra Therapeutic Negative Ioniser is a registered medical device, listed with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).  Elanra is the only biologically active negative ionizer registered as a medical device with 50 years of demonstrated therapeutic health benefits in the world.

  • A choice of black or white
  •  The Elanra Air Pendant is rechargeable with a mini-USB and an international charger kit with universal adapters (Aust, EU, UK, USA)  included with your purchase
  •  Needle life span is 1200 hours.  The unit will show you when the needle is getting close to replacement
  • Battery run time is 40 hours on minimum output power.  Battery Charge time is 6 hours
  • Guarantee: 12 months warrany on labour, material and battery
  • Elanra is compliant with all international standards in EMC and electrical safety


The Elanra Ioniser produce small biologically active negatively charged ions of Oxygen, pulsed at various selective frequencies that are emitted into the ambient air to be inhaled and ingested via the lungs into the bloodstream of the patient to produce a positive therapeutic or biological effect which may result in:-

  • Improved health and wellbeing
  • Assist to increase alertness
  • Assit in recovery from illness and chronic fatigue
  • Reduce the severity and frequency of colds and flu
  • Support and assist in immune system recovery
  • Relieve the symptoms of seasonal conditions
  • Helps improve sleep and learning 
  • Assists allergy and eczema sufferers
  • Assists breathing by reducing airborne pathogens and dust
  • Used to normalize the body’s natural hormonal levels which have been altered by the increasing levels of positive ions in the ambient air
  • Enhances the body’s absorption of Oxygen, Vitamins B and C.


Q:  Can I wear the Elanra Air Pendant while sleeping?

A:  Elanra Air Pendant provides you with the health benefits associated with inhaling negative ions of Oxygen as you go about your day.  Whilst the Pendant is recommended to assist with sleep on aircraft where you are reclined or sitting up, it is NOT recommended for use in bed.  If the top of the Pendant is obscured by bedding during the night, the negative ions of Oxygen cannot be inhaled and therefore no therapeutic benefit will be gained. If you wish to be inhaling negative ions whilst sleeping, the Home- MkII or Portable – MkIII are be recommended.


Q:  Is there any benefit in placing the Elanra Air Pendant on my side table while I sleep?

A:  No, the Pendant must be worn to receive any benefit.


Q:  Which way do I wear the Elanra Air Pendant?

A:  It is best to wear the Elanra air Pendant with the indicators facing your body, however, the device will function perfectly either way.


Q:  Why is the orange light flashing?

A:  The flashing orange light indicates your Elanra Air Pendant is active and generating therapeutic ions.


Q:  Where can I buy replacement Needles?

A: On our website, or contact us by phone, email or post.

Survey Results*:
93% actively recommend Elanra
95% report fewer colds and flu
93% report breathing easier
92% report better concentration
91% report relief from allergies
90% report better sleep
89% report less stress
88% report improved immune system
87% report faster recovery from illness
87% report increased energy and alertness


Size 2.48 x 6.44 x 5.92cm

Brand Elanra
Shipping Weight 0.7000kg

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