Grounded Film

The "Grounded" film will help you understand the holistic impact Earthing can have on the human body.  Produced by an independent National Geographic Film Maker, the film features world-renowned health experts including Dr Stephen Sinatra, Dr Joseph Mercola and Dr Laura Koniver who share their views on the theory of Earthing and how by simply touching the Earth, you can literally change your life for the better.

Wondering Where To Start?

Starter Pack with Sleep Mat

The popular starter pack features a money-saving combination of an Earthing Sleep Mat or Sheet to use on your bed when you sleep, an Earthing Universal Mat for use elsewhere in your home or office during the day, testing equipment so that you know your products are working as well as the Earthing Movie DVD and Earthing Audio Book CD to fill you in on all the stories, research and evidence behind Earthing.