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Discovering Earthing can be very exciting and you may want to start experiencing Earthing indoors as soon as possible, however, maybe you're not quite sure where to start or what to get.  To get the best benefits from Earthing you need to make it consistent and sleeping grounded is one of the best ways to do this.  Hopefully, this information will help you, however, if you need help at any time please call our friendly staff on 1300 327 844 toll-free Australia wide.  We also recommend that you take the time to watch THE EARTHING MOVIE which gives you a good understanding of the benefits and science behind Earthing.  Click Here To Watch.


Earthing products connect you to the earth's electrons through the grounded port of your three prong outlet (Power Point) or via a Ground Rod.

Earthing Starter Pack Sleep Mat


Through our years of experience in helping our customers with Earthing Products, we highly recommend that you start with one of our money-saving combination Starter Packs that covers everything you need to start earthing confidently, immediately and consistently. The pack consists of a choice of - an Earthing Mattress Cover or Sleep Mat (choose which fits your lifestyle better) to use on your bed when you sleep. 

Plus an Earthing Universal Mat for use elsewhere in your home or office during the day.  Our Universal Mat is like bringing a piece of the Earth outside, inside to use whenever you want - rain, hail or shine. The packs include all relevant connections such as cords and plugs and the PREMIUM PACKS will also include the testing equipment so that you know your products are conductive and working.   

The packs have everything you need so you can start Earthing straightaway as well as saving you over 10% off the RRP of each item. You can try our Earthing Products for 90 days Risk-Free!  Each individual item is described below to give you a better understanding or go to our shop for a more detailed view. GET YOURS NOW


Select One Type Of Bedding That Best Suits You:-

1. 'Elite' Carbonised Earthing Sleep Mat: The Earthing Sleep Mat is made of new proprietary grounding material that is the culmination of two decades of research and development. It is 100% conductive, easy to clean, requires no washing and is very durable. It is soft to lay on and has been designed to go under your fitted bed sheet or you can lay on directly. The Earthing Sleep Mat will fit all beds up to a Kingsize and can be placed vertically for full-length coverage for a single person or at the bottom of the bed, horizontally for two people. The mats are secured to the mattress with two elastic straps.  Approximate life span from 5+ years.


2. 'Elite' Carbonised Earthing Mattress Cover: Has all the features as above, however, is made to fit the size of the mattress so that your entire bed surface is grounded. The cover secures to the mattress with elastic corner straps and comes in all popular sizes.

Designed to go directly under your fitted sheet and on top of your mattress protectors, underlays, electric blankets, etc. They require very little maintenance (no washing)  and just need to be wiped down with warm water and a sponge periodically.  Due to the fact that there is no skin contact, they are very durable and long-lasting.  It is Ok to lay directly on the Sleep Mats and Mattress covers, however, they may need wiping down with warm water and a sponge more often to remove body perspiration or oils that may have accumulated on the mat as this may interfere with the mat's conductivity.


Sleeping grounded has been shown to help with sleep and reduce inflammation.  When you sleep soundly your body is put in a healing state to restore and repair which is beneficial to restoring and maintaining health and well-being. Good and deep sleep is one of the best healing mechanisms for our body and will help keep your immune system strong, which is so important in today's world.


Earthing Mattress Cover

Items That Come With All Premium Starter Packs

Earthing Universal Mat

The Earthing Universal Mat is our most versatile product!   As its names suggest, it is very universal and can be used in many situations around the home and office, however, it is particularly helpful while working at your computer.  Place under your desk to put your feet on (it's OK to wear socks and stockings), or on top of your desk with your hands touching. The mat is very beneficial in an electronic environment as it helps reduce the body voltage induced on you from common electrical appliances such as computers, printers and other office equipment.   It is also great to put on the couch to sit on, lean against or put your feet on while relaxing or watching TV.  Move it around your kitchen to stand on while washing dishes, prepping dinner and cooking.  Use to stand on while doing ironing or chores that will have you standing or sitting in one place for a while. Measures 32cm x 73.7cm.

The Earthing Universal Mat is like having your own little patch of Earth indoors that you can connect and ground whenever it suits you, RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE. 


Testing Equipment

1. The Socket Tester:  Before you start connecting your Earthing Products you may want to test that the power points or power boards, you intend to use, are in fact earthed and wired correctly.  You simply plug the tester into the socket you wish to test and turn on the power. Three orange lights will confirm that your outlet is Earthed and wired correctly.  Most homes in Australia are Earthed, by law, however, this simple test will give you peace of mind that the wiring is correct and your products will be connecting to the Earth of your building and are especially handy for testing power boards which can deteriorate over time.  If the three orange lights don't display you will need to try another PowerPoint/ board, use an alternative ground rod, available here, or seek the advice of a licenced Electrician. 

2. Product Continuity Tester: Once you connect your Earthing products it's good to know that they are working. The Product Tester is placed on the connected Earthing product and a continuous green light will indicate that your, mattress cover, mats, cords, etc., are in fact connected correctly, working and conductive.  Again giving you peace of mind that you will be receiving the benefits of Earthing. 

From our experience most people will end up purchasing the testers at a later date if they do not have, therefore this is one of the reasons we highly recommend the Starter Pack to save you money and time. However, if your prefer to purchase at a later date you will find the testing equipment under our Accessories Tab in our Barefoot Shop.



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