What Others are saying about Earthing:

"Dear Linda
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Earthing products with me. The concept of ‘earthing’ is simple yet profound. I believe it has contributed to my well being in a most wonderful way. I am a Registered Nurse and natural therapy practitioner. I have not worked for the last two and a half years since a serious cancer literally stopped me in my tracks. Recently, I underwent major abdominal surgery related to the cancer, and have since made a swift and uneventful post operative recovery. I would go so far as to classify it as remarkable. My Earthing Mat is always under my feet when sitting at my computer, or under my legs when relaxing in a recliner chair. I sleep at night in the Recovery Bag. It gives me a profound feeling of support and comfort – just as if Mother Nature has her nurturing arms wrapped around me. Many of my friends (including my GP) have now read the Earthing Book and are using the products. Thank you also for your efficient and caring service. Warm regards"
- Sharon Stathis, Brisbane, Qld.

"Earthing has made a big difference to my quality of life – it’s been really spectacular. I have suffered from cramps in my legs for many years and had many treatments which have all helped but never really fixed the problem – the only thing that has fixed this is Earthing. These cramps seem to become worse when I am subjected to Electro Magnetic Fields and unbalanced environments such as using the computer, shopping centres and just being away from home. Going out meant pain and cramps so I felt I would have to spend most of my days at home to be comfortable. Since I started using my earthing sheet and earthing mat I can now use my computer as much as I want to and I can go out and enjoy everyday simple activities such as shopping. I recently started a course at a college and started to get cramps while sitting, however, after spotting a power point I took in my earthing mat and can now get through the class without cramps and disruption. Earthing is now part of my life every day and night and I am very grateful to have been introduced to it – it has certainly changed my life for the better." - Anne, Sydney, NSW

"For over one and a half years, I’ve experienced Plantar Fascitis (inflammation of the tendon extending from my heel to toes). I’ve experienced a burning pain, a similar sensation to “walking on a pebble”, in my left heel. I would wake up in the morning and as soon as I put my foot to the floor, I would literally have to drag my foot when I walked, till my foot warmed up. It hurt soo much (it started after wearing unsupportive thongs all summer). To treat this, I’ve bought a lot of expensive shoes with inserts, went to a chiropractor, tried everything eg. rolling my foot over a bottle to stretch the tendon. I’m 57 and an active orthopaedic nurse. I took the advice from the orthopaedic registrar I worked with advising me that stretching, rolling my foot on the bottle, doing what I was doing was the best option. I was beginning to believe I would just have to live with it While visiting a friend a couple of months ago, she introduced me to Barefoot Healing and the benefits of Grounding. I decided to give it a try and bought the half sheet & auto pad (I am now travelling/working around Australia in my Toyota Hiace pop top camper van for 12 months). I’ve been mainly using the half sheet for a couple of months now and have noticed…. I don’t have the pain in my heel anymore!! I am still careful, wearing proper supportive shoes, but it is such a blessing to not have this pain anymore. I have just now placed an order for the wrist/ankle bracelets. I’ve noticed Herbedens nodules appearing on the first joints of some of my fingers and noticed a little stiffness, aching in my fingers at times.. a classic sign of osteo arthritis. Having a nursing background and interested in research, it makes so much sense how Grounding helps. Electrical fields are now part of our modern life, some moreso than others. Just using the muli-meter and seeing how grounding pads decrease your level of harmful electronic voltage in your body, is enough for me. I thoroughly recommend these products."
-  Denise S. (Tweed Heads, NSW, Australia)

"Hello Barefoot Healing I have been using your Body Band Earthing™ system at night for some time now. I have regained some of my health since, but I was unsure if it was the earthing that was helping me, however, about a month ago I was suffering a set back with my health and I was clueless as to why. I do live with a tight management of my illness to prevent this from happening. I had to look carefully at everything that I was eating, doing, not doing, etc., but with no luck to explain this down turn. Until I tested the earthing cord that I had been using every night and found it to be faulty!! I then replaced it with a spare one I had and within 2 nights of using it, my health stopped getting worse and within a week I was getting noticeable improvement!!!! I now have no doubt this system is helpful to me. Thank you so much for this great, ‘down to earth’, system as it has been such an advantage to me and my family."
- Kind Regards, Jeff, SA, Australia

“My 2 month old scar wound from a caesarean was not healing and I had constant bad back pain. I had tried absolutely everything the Doctor prescribed without any success. Linda suggested I try one of her large body bands around my torso for a couple of hours each night or sleep with it on – I was sceptical, however, I thought “what have I got to lose”. I slept with the band on that night and for the first time since the birth of my daughter had a better night’s sleep, the pain in my back went and I think because of this my mood was much better the next day. I have been using the band for around a month and my wound is now 90% healed and my sleep is definitely better, making me a nicer person to be around. I am definitely an Earthing convert and look forward to now sleeping on the Earthing Sheet.”
- Loretta, Ingleburn, NSW, Australia

“I already sleep on an Earthing sheet, however, one night I woke in excruciating pain around my hip area, probably from overdoing outdoor work, as this was unbearable I decided to try my torso body band that I had used previously. It was so painful it was even hard to get out of bed to find it, however, within 30 minutes of putting it on the pain had gone and I fell asleep – it was absolutely amazing! I kept using the band for a few more nights and now my hip is fine and I have no pain at all. This is so easy and natural to use I highly recommend it”
– Sue, Camden (Retired Nurse), NSW, Australia

“I have had Cellulitis on my leg for a long time and it never gets better, I also had an open wound that wouldn’t heal in this area from having a medical procedure previously. Linda was holidaying with us and recommended I stay in the salt water as much as possible during the day and use the leg band around the inflamed area while I was resting and sleeping. Within a day the Cellulitis got better and my leg wasn’t as red and inflamed and the wound also healed and scabbed over. My leg felt better all round and I could use my support stocking again when I went back to work.”
– Al, Sanctuary Point, NSW, Australia

"You sent me the article by Dr Stephen Sinatra Heart Health & Nutrition and I have shared it with a few friends. I know it works because after hearing about barefoot healing 12 months ago I have been getting out every day on the grass and I have been able to cancel my knee replacement surgery. I am only 57 and this time last year I was walking with a stick and was really stiff and in a lot of pain due to osteo-arthritis. My family and friends have seen the amazing difference in me and now with the information coming from a Doctor are really starting to take notice. So thank you to all in your team who are passionate about spreading the word of getting back to nuture and helping me to get to the bottom of my lack of energy."
- Have a great day Kris, Sydney, NSW

"Hi Barefoot Healing I have a half sheet on my bed, which I LOVE. I have been able to breathe at night without the aid of the herbal tablets that I used to rely on. (I didn’t want to take cortisone sprays the doctors had recommended). I can now sleep in any position. For many, many years I have had to sleep according to which way I could breathe. I have told lots of people about earthing and of my experience and recently forwarded the new, great little video to someone. Thank you very much."
- Regards Kailie,Vic

"In case you were interested I have a sore knee nearly always from riding thousands of racehorses over the years with very short stirrups. Since you sent me the bands (pink) I put one just above my knee and conect to the cord usually attached to my bed sheet and whilst doing yoga and the pain is nearly gone altogether… Amazing! "
- Jane, Medowie, NSW

"I must say when I first heard about Earthing from my daughter I was very sceptical, however, when you are elderly (76) and in pain, stiff and uncomfortable you will usually give anything a go. Things didn’t happen overnight for me but I persisted with it and I can now certainly see and feel the wonderful benefits of Earthing – who would have thought it was so simple as connecting to a bit of ground outside. About 10 years ago I had a very big operation where my whole body was virtually cut in half due to oesophagus cancer – thankfully I survived, however, I have suffered quite a lot of pain in various parts of my body over the years and have tried many creams and some medications to help. One of the first benefits I noticed with Earthing was the circulation, reduced swelling and colour in my legs from using the Earthing Mat – I can now get around without having to wear my long, tight circulation stockings – which caused me so much grief every morning just to get the damn things on. The colour and tone of my legs have greatly improved and I now have less aches and pains in them. I started using the Earthing body band around my back and chest as I often suffer from a lot of pain where my scars are and an absolutely amazing thing happened unexpectedly. I have a protruding hernia on the front of my stomach and when I was treating my back I pulled the band over my hernia for comfort then quite unexpectedly I noticed that my hernia become much softer instead of a hard mass and had actually shrunk . This actually fascinated me so I started measuring around my stomach and over a period of a couple of months the hernia actually shrunk about 3” and now feels like part of my body instead of a hard rock – its appearance and colour is also now more pleasing as well. I now sleep grounded as well as connect to the body band when in bed and this has allowed me to get a good night’s sleep pain free and am usually off to sleep in about 3 minutes. I have early stages of Prostate Cancer and would get up several times a night – now I only get up once early in the morning and generally get straight back to sleep. I am on Warfarin (blood thinning medication) and I would get my levels checked every 2 weeks where the readings would always be erratic – sometimes I would have to reduce the dose and other times increase – it was always all over the place. Since I started Earthing I am only getting monitored every month and my levels have remained constant and balanced. I’m feeling pretty good now – not perfect but better and until prompted to think about what Earthing has done to me I actually forgot about some of the areas I had pain in my body which has completely gone now and I’ve just forgotten about it – because if pains gone it doesn’t worry you and you’re happy. I now tell everyone I meet about this simple way to help with pain and inflammation in the body – I just wished I had known about it many, many years ago."
-Peter, Macquarie Fields, NSW

"Dear Linda,  I guess you get people with health challenges and then people who are just very health conscious without extreme concerns. I think I fall in the latter category. We try to do the right things….drinking filtered water, eating organic, whole foods, meditating for stress , infra-red saunas, foot-detoxes, massages twice a month, taking lots and lots of supplements…. So I am not going to tell you about how earthing helps my arthritis (which I know it does) but rather what it meant to someone who is obsessed about juicing etc…. I have no health concerns except that I always had a heart that would skip beats……a leaking valve I think they call it…it can be pretty scary but I cannot remember when last I felt it. I have some unsightly varicose veins having a job where I never sit down and no…I am not going to say that they disappeared but I have spent a lot of money trying a lot of supplements and medications for it to no avail and finally after having slept on my ground-sheet for about 8 months they are definitely much lighter in colour and with a bit of “quick tan” I think I will be able to venture out on the beach in December. My daughter has been trying to fall pregnant for 3 years (they live overseas and travel all the time) I sent her a grounding sheet in March and she is now 6 months pregnant. I believe the grounding sheet has re-set her biological clock that was totally out of wack. We are now all very aware of grounding and as far as possible wear the grounding sandals, sleep grounded and use the patches for sore muscles ( my son-in -law does triathlons in Canada + Australia + America) Well you know what….it is just natural is it not??"
- Love Huibre, Qld

"Just to let you know that I have been using the bed sheet and an earthing pad at the computer, and have another for my chair in the evenings, it has been most beneficial……needless to say that I am most grateful for you passing on this….and keen to see how other good changes happen over time. The book was encouraging also…. I have given a car seat and pad to both of our sons…..bit early for feedback from them, but I am sure it will be positive. Also passed on the info to others who may be very grateful…. John, Qld Hi Guys. I am from Perth and just thought I would send off a quick note. I have a earthing sheet and it is amazing the results.   My Mum who is 90 has fantastic results,my brothers not as many and me well I am over the moon. Thank you for giving me my life back."
- Linda, Perth

"Cheers for what you are doing there guys! I have been meaning to get some earthing products for years and finally did a while back from barefoot and have noticed substantial improvements across the board in my life. You guys keep up the good work and Ill keep telling my mates about the benefits. p.s. I also notice that as i do energy work before i go to sleep much more of the excess energy is dispersed naturally saving me from getting congested and the time to clear away the excess. Regards."
- Jarrad, Perth