Grounding Wedges

Pluggz Ballet Wedges are unique, stylish grounding shoes for women. The new 2” wedge gives just enough height to flatter your legs while still being super comfy. It’s a versatile shoe for professional or casual wear: Run your errands or run your business while looking and feeling great.  shoes are handmade and crafted with the proprietary grounding technology™ inside which connects you to the natural grounding benefits of the earth. Features boast comfy leather insole with memory foam padded arches and heels, anti-microbial lining, slip-resistant rubber soles - and our springy trampoline heel™ for extra support, stability and comfort. Get your energy from the ground up in full and half sizes 6-10 and size 11. It is recommended to go up 1/2 a size than your usual shoe size.


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