New Earthing Elite Mattress Covers

Welcome to the newest evolution of Sleeping Grounded. After twenty years of research, the new 'Elite' range of mattress cover are 100% conductive, easy to clean and very durable with a life span of 5 years plus!

Elite Mattress Cover

After two decades of research, Clint Ober and the Earthing team, have developed a grounding material that is the best formulation so far.  It’s 100% conductive, easy to clean, and very durable and designed to last much longer than the previous cotton and silver sheets.  In fact, Clint Ober has publicly stated that the new material will never lose its conductivity – this is a game-changer!

This new line of ‘Earthing Elite™’ of products are now available for PRE-ORDER and we should have them in within two weeks with all going to plan and we have special introductory prices for you.  Remember we only have a limited amount coming so if you are keen to be the first to try please CLICK HERE to pre-order now.

You may be asking what makes these New Earthing Mattress Covers, 'Elite'?

  • Softer Material: More comfortable compared to our current black carbon Sleep Mat material.
  • Thinner Material: About half the thickness of our current black carbon Sleep Mats.
  • Smooth Surface Area: There are no perforations in the surface area of these Mattress Covers so not only are they more comfortable, but you’re 100% grounded no matter where you move.
  • Easier Cleaning: No perforations on the surface makes it easier to wipe down with a damp washcloth. (No machine washing required!)
  • More Sanitary: The hypoallergenic nature of carbon helps combat allergens in your bed. With no perforations, these covers not only ground you but create a physical shield against the dust and mites living in your mattress.
  • Available In All Sizes: We have a fitted Cover for every size of mattress.
  • Easy to put on: Simply slide the straps around each corner of your mattress and you’re done! No more wrestling to get straps around the entire mattress.
  • Temperature Regulation: Our new conductive material won’t trap heat against your body, helping you stay at a comfy sleeping temp all night long.
  • More Durable: So far, we’ve tested these products for 5+ years and they are as conductive and blemish-free as the day we started. While the springs in your mattress may fail you at some point, the conductivity of your Earthing Elite™ Mattress Cover won’t. Our new conductive material is designed for a lifetime of conductivity, and like all of our products, it comes with a one-year warranty.

What's The Difference Between the Earthing Sheets, Carbonised Sleep Mats and the New 'Elite' Mattress Covers?

1 - What if you have already purchased one of our Earthing Carbonised Single or Double Sleep Mats – Does this mean they are no good?

Absolutely not! Our Earthing Elite™ fitted Mattress Covers take our current black carbon products (Sleep Mats, Pillow Covers, Universal Mats, and Sticky Mats) to the next level. They are the ultimate sleep product made from the material that we will be creating our products with moving forward.

There is a big difference between these new products and our silver thread products, however. Due to the inherent nature of silver oxidizing over time, it will eventually stop being conductive. There is, unfortunately, no way around this. How long the silver-threaded Sheets and silver-threaded Throw remain conductive greatly depends on the environmental conditions in your home, how often they are washed and dried, and the acidic/alkaline balance of your body. The conductivity of silver is unpredictable, and because Clint’s goal has always been to create sleep products that won’t ever lose their conductivity, are simple to use, affordable and easily adaptable to be part of your lifestyle. 


2 - Will we be phasing out the previous thicker model black carbon Sleep Mats? 

Yes, except for the Single Sleep Mat because it's the perfect travel companion! However, it will be getting a makeover with our new material and we’re going to extend the length of it by 30cm, but this will be a few months away.  So in the meantime, we still have our Single Sleep Mats in stock.  Click Here For More Information.


3 - Will we be phasing out the Pillow Covers? 

No, but they will transition to the new material and will only have perforations on one side instead of two. This will allow for easy cleaning on the side you sleep on, but still allow airflow through the Pillow Cover.  Again, these will be a few months away, however, we still have the new style of pillow cover available.  Click Here For More Information.


Other Questions You May Be Thinking About?

Q. Does the new Mattress Cover go under or over your fitted sheet?

a. Either! Direct skin contact is always best, so placing the Mattress Cover on top of your fitted sheet is ideal. However, the Mattress Covers are designed to 100% ground you when placed under your fitted sheet. 


Q. If I put the Mattress Cover under my fitted sheet, do my sheets need to be a certain material?

a. We recommend natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo. If you don’t have sheets made of these materials, that’s okay! You don’t have to run out and buy new sheets. Synthetic materials will ground you, it just takes longer for your body’s natural perspiration to saturate through the material and allow the electrons to flow. 


Q. Will the Mattress Cover help me stay cooler while sleeping?

a. The mattress cover doesn’t have any special cooling technology added to it, so this is somewhat dependent on your individual body. At about half the thickness of our current black carbon Sleep Mats, and without any perforations, the Mattress Cover has less opportunity to trap heat against your body. By the way….did you know that when some people first get grounded they can actually feel WARMER at night for a short period of time because their circulatory system is kicking back into gear and their body needs to remember how to regulate their temperature appropriately? 


Q. What’s included in the Split King Kit? 

a. The Split King Kit includes two Twin XL mats, two coil cords, and one Australian Adapter plug.


Q. How are the mattress covers antimicrobial?

a. The mattress covers contain conductive carbon, which has inherent antimicrobial properties. These properties not only help to combat allergens in your bed but also help to create a physical shield against the dust and mites living in your mattress. With no perforations, they are also incredibly easy to wipe clean with a cloth and some mild soapy water (please refer to the cleaning instructions that come with your Earthing® product or to our website for more details). 

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