Are You Suffering From Digital Dementia?

“Generation Y Overstimulation” - 18-29 year old lifestyles are too busy and too stressed and this is driving the country towards a “massive health crisis”!

I read an interesting article in the Sunday paper  with the heading “Generation Y Overstimulation?  - 18-29 year olds lifestyles are too busy and too stressed and this is driving the country towards a “massive health crisis”!

It seems our younger generation spend a great deal of time on some form of technology, and it’s part of their everyday lives and it could be considered addictive with constant checking of emails, Facebook and Twitter while doing other chores.

What our young folk can do easily is check their emails while talking on the phone and according to Dr. Devitin, a neuroscientist, this creates “a powerful and diabolical illusion”.  It increases the production of the stress hormone CORTISOL and the fight-or flight hormone adrenaline, which can over-stimulate the brain and create muddy thinking. 

This response is because the human attention has evolved to mainly focus on one task at a time, and switching from one task to another rapidly causes the brain to burn energy faster, leading to exhaustion and disorientation. 

Interestingly young women were reported to feel twice as stressed as men, with nearly two-thirds saying they felt stressed often or all the time.   I would have to agree, as I do talk to a lot of young women in the late 20’s who are already suffering fatigue or adrenal problems and are seeking out Earthing to help them cope.  

Clint Ober, the founder of Earthing shares a simple story below that helps us understand what is happening and how Earthing can help us get back to a balanced state.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel whatever our age most of us are addicted to multitasking when it comes to technology. Just now my phone beeped, while I am writing this, and without even thinking, while I’m typing, I felt an urgent need to quickly go and read the message – does this sound familiar? However, I have learnt to take time out and turn these devices off. Unfortunately for our younger folk (Generation Y 18-29 year olds) they will be the first generation to be using technology obsessively and cramming their lives with one thing after another more or less since they were born and according to the research many may suffer from increased depression, anxiety, stress and an inability to “switch off”, leading to a sort of “digital dementia”.

This brings me to an important point as to why it is critical that you integrate Earthing into your daily life and that of your family, because when it comes to stress Earthing has been shown to have: A calming effect on the nervous system A normalizing effect on cortisol, the stress hormone Better sleep And according to Dr Tracy Latz, Integrative Psychiatrist p: 154 Earthing book, “by improving sleep, Earthing can help normalize serotonin levels in the brain as it decreases cortisol (an anxiety-inducing hormone). When cortisol levels are high, there is a tendency to go into ‘fight or flight’/panic responses to stressful situations and become more easily angered or irritable. As cortisol levels decrease and stabilise, we become more centered, peaceful and calm.

So if you have young people in your home, or you can see yourself here, you can easily integrate Earthing into your daily lives just by scattering around a few Universal Earthing mats on the floor where they sit or on top of their desk. Put an Earthing sheet on their bed and they will be switching off without even realising it bringing their cortisol back into sync and letting their body cope and repair and hopefully warding off “digital dementia”, depression and anxiety! I don’t know about you, but a calmer young adult around the home is much more enjoyable than an irritable and angry one!

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