A Young Woman's Personal Earthing Story

I am 26 yrs old and have chronic fatigue. In my early school years I experienced a traumatic incident and then again in young adult years. I now also know I was high copper from infanthood. These problems, I think, contributed to me having allergies, headaches, body pain, digestive issues, painful periods, mood swings, mental health issues, anxiety, insomnia, sensory processing disorder and great difficulty focusing.

At 24 yrs I had to leave a job I loved working with children, and have been unable to work since. During 2014 (24 yrs) I commenced a nutritional balancing program and had the first of a series of hair tissue analysis to determine the underlying physical reasons for my problems. Through the nutritional balancing program, I began to gradually release Copper, Arsenic, Lead and Aluminium. (A hair test gives a snapshot of what is happening in the body at a cellular level and what is being excreted).

In December 2015 we earthed my bed with an Earthing sheet and Earthing pillowcase. When I first started using the bed set, I slept the best I had in all my life. I slept almost four days, night and day, an extreme difference from the normal insomnia and anxiety around sleep. My body pain, a typical symptom of chronic fatigue, mostly disappeared, except for isolated and intermittent pain in my legs, ankles or neck.

At this time many of my physical symptoms were improving, but my mental health began to worsen. Post-traumatic stress seemed to be affecting me more than ever. I started getting an even foggier head than my normal chronic fatigue fogginess. I couldn’t think clearly, life felt like I was in a dream state and I was having nightmares. Feeling extremely down and suicidal at times, I found I could relax when on my earthed bed; I felt weighted, numbed.

I had my next hair test (Feb 2016), which included almost 2 months of sleeping earthed, and it revealed my most dramatic result since beginning the nutritional balancing program. My Copper level, which had been decreasing, went completely off the chart and my Lead level rose to a scary height. This explained my challenging state of mental health. We think that as my body was able to go into a state of relaxation on the earthed bed and I could sleep deeply, I was then better able to detoxify from these heavy metals.

In my latest hair test (July 2016) I amazingly had a normal Copper level and Lead was almost gone. I still have some anxiety problems. The hair test can be the early indicator of the body making corrections and improvement of the symptoms (i.e. anxiety) will follow later. I am told the detox most likely isn’t over yet, but hopefully it won’t be as intense as it has been this year.

The last 7 months have been huge, but I feel I am on the way to recovering and earthing has played an important role alongside other healing modalities. The allergies and digestive problems are not really an issue now, I can expect to sleep well most nights, overall pain is significantly decreased and completely gone from many parts of my body, headaches are rare, and my periods are regular and less painful.

I tell people I meet about Earthing as it has helped so much and I am very grateful for my earthed bed. I’m really looking forward to being well and going back to work one day. I think anyone with chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia should be earthed. My only caution is to increase the time earthed slowly, especially for people who have a chronic condition, as they will have a lot to detoxify even if they don’t realise it.

M Barber, NSW, Australia






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