Anti-Radiation Products To Complement Earthing

Proven new anti-radiation mobile phone protection products that work!

Over the years we have had many requests to add mobile phone chips and anti-radiation products to our Earthing shop so they can shop in one place, however, I have never really been confident distributing products that haven’t had good certified testing and above all are easy to integrate into our everyday lives, consistently, such as Earthing.   Well I’m pleased to inform you that we now carry a range of proven Mobile Phone Protection Smartchips and Anti-Radiation shielding for those of you that want to add this extra protection to safeguard yourself and your loved ones from radiation exposure and I hope you find something that suits your lifestyle. As all reports suggest it is always best to minimise your mobile phone radiation exposure by using hands free or texting, however, this is not always convenient or practical and in our quest to offer you a holistic approach to health and wellbeing these new products make a nice addition to your Earthing routine. See below for our range.

1. Lif3 Smart Chip – the safer way to use your mobile phone that reduces your exposure to mobile phone radiation – PROVEN!  The Life3 Smartchip is the ONLY SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN product on the market today that can reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation by up to 95%*. 

It’s easy to use -  just choose the right Smartchip for your phone and simply peel and stick to the back of your device and its thin enough to still use with your favourite phone cover.  This brand new ground breaking technology has only just been released.  The Lif3 Smartchip took 5 years of research and development and is engineered right here in Australia.
*Refer to test results page - click here

2. Vest Anti-Radiation Headsets - Using a standard headset significantly increases your exposure to radiation emitted from the phone due to the metal wiring. Vest Anti-Radiation Headset incorporates a hollow flexible air tube, reducing your radiation exposure by up to 98%.  Vest Anti-Radiation Headset is all air tube from the speaker up, transmitting sound through air only and allowing a safe distance between your brain and the radiation emitted from the phone, while still maintaining excellent sound quality.  If you listen to music and films via your phone this is an absolute MUST for radiation exposure!  FCC Certificed Proven and Tested*

*Click here for FCC Certified Laboratories Tests

3. Vest Anti-Radiation Active Headset has also been specially designed for an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE, Incorporating a hollow flexible air tube, it reduces your radiation exposure by up to 98%.  Fit over ears for a secure fit with maximum comfort when moving and working out.

4. Vest Anti-Radiation Armband is a high-quality lightweight armband allowing using and carrying the phone hands-free when working-out while minimizing your exposure to radiation emitted from the phone by up to 99%. Fits most phones with screen size up to 5’’.  Vest Anti-Radiation Armband is embedded with a layer of silver fibre fabric positioned between your arm and the phone, successfully minimizing radiation exposure to your arm and other body parts in close proximity to the phone.

5. Vest Laptop Radiation Shield is a highly comfortable laptop pad minimizing exposure to radiation emitted from the laptop battery, Wi-Fi antenna, and cellular antenna in some models, in addition to minimizing heat reduction. Vest Laptop Radiation Shield is made of non-grain oriented silicon steel and high conductivity aluminium sheet, minimizing radiation exposure. An additional closed-cell polyethylene foam layer provides maximum comfort and heat reduction, reducing radiation exposure by up to 92%. FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven.
*Click here for FCC Certified Laboratories Tests

6. Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band creates a safe environment for the embryo to develop during pregnancy. By minimizing their exposure to everyday radiation, Vest Anti-Radiation Belly Band protects the embryo from all potentially harmful effects of exposure to electromagnetic radiation at this vulnerable stage of life.  The inner layer of the product is 97% silver fibre, 3% nylon, successfully blocking radiation exposure by up to 100%.  The outer layer is 97% bamboo, 3% spandex. Comfortable and silky soft to wear as well as complementing the figure and washable. Available in black and white. FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven.

*Click here for FCC Certified Laboratories Tests

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