Earthing Auto Seat Mat

Our Earthing Auto Mat reduces static electrical buildup in the body that accumulates while driving. This has been shown to help with physical and mental fatigue, pain and stiffness that can occur from long-distance driving and make your journey enjoyable.

The Earthing Auto Seat Mat connects you to the metal frame of your vehicle through the Auto Coil Cord connected to a piece of metal in the vehicle.  While this does not create a true earth ground, it pulls static electricity off your body that accumulates as you drive.  It also connects you to the electrons that flow from the vehicle's battery into the frame.  Together, this supports a reduction in the physical and mental fatigue that can occur from driving, especially long-distance driving.

As reported in the first edition of the Earthing book an informal experiment was conducted at a busy truck stop where they were enrolling long-haul drivers to be the testers.

All the drivers had to do was agree to sit on a 25cm x 36cm conductive earthing seat mat connected by a wire to the metal frame under their seat while travelling to their destination. When they got to their next destination, the drivers were asked to write down if they felt any difference while driving with the seat pad, such as any change in tension, pain or fatigue levels, and then mail in their comments in a self-addressed envelope to the Earthing team.

The Earthing team received 27 reports back and the average age of the drivers was 48.  The feedback across the board was Positive.  Nearly all of the 27 participants reported more relaxation and reduction in pain and stiffness.  Around 70% said they experienced less fatigue and more alertness while driving.  More than 60% said their night vision was improved.  Click Here For More Information.

As reported in the first edition of the Earthing Book the Earthing Auto Mat may help with:

  • Pain and Stiffness while driving
  • Reducing Fatigue while driving
  • Reduced Leg Pain while driving
  • Driving More Relaxed
  • Headaches 
  • Stress In Shoulders 
  • Road Rage
  • Car Sickness

Also great to use on planes when travelling overseas to help reduce or eliminate jet lag.  To read more on this ►​Click Here

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