Can Earthing Help With Wi-Fi?

I strongly urge you to watch this week’s Catalyst program “Wi-Fried”, by clicking on video below.

Dr Devra Davis was recently in Australia presenting her findings on the dangers of Radio Frequency Radiation Exposure from mobiles, wi-fi, smart meters, etc.  While not all agree with her, it seems clear from this program that Australia is greatly lagging behind in regards to the new research.

This technology is here to stay so we have to learn to live with it, so the message seems to be keep your mobile phones away from your body, out of your pockets and away from your head if you are considered a heavy user and children should have very limited exposure as they absorb radiation more than adults. Move routers out of main rooms and turn off when not needed.

Can Earthing help with Radio Frequency Radiation exposure, well yes and no.
Exposure to RF such as Mobile Phones, Cordless Phones, Wi-Fi, etc., can produce a large positive charge on the body which in turn can lead to an EXCESS of damaging FREE RADICALS in the body that may lead to chronic inflammation causing diseases and illnesses.
Earthing can help by providing the body with an uptake of electrons (a negative charge) which then helps balance out these excess free radicals, limiting damage to our tissues and cells and allows our body to cope and repair quickly, in this artificial world we live in today.
Earthing will offer a shielding effect, see pages 72-75 of the Earthing book, from AC electrical current, such as your electrical plug in appliances, however, Earthing cannot protect or shield the body from this artificial RF Radiation as it is a much higher frequency than the Earth. 

The best solution for protection is to remove or reduce the causes.  Install hard wired data cabling for your phones and computers if possible, turn off wi fi when you are not using it and especially when you are sleeping, do not put mobile phones in your pockets, down your bras or anywhere against your body.  Keep mobile phones at least one meter away from your body when sleeping or better still in another room, limit time spent on mobile phones and use the speakers or headphones when possible.
Sleep on an Earthing sheet at night and use Earthing mats during the day while working at your computer or wherever you are sitting for a length of time to load your body with an abundance of Free Electrons to constantly counteract Free Radical Damage.

We are bathed in a sea of radiation every day, so even the wearing of Earthing shoeswhile outdoors may be beneficial to help counteract excess free radical damage you build up on a daily basis.

Sleep Earthed and get your daily dose of Earthing!



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