Could Shoes Really Be Making Us Sick?

When was the last time you spent 30 minutes walking barefoot with the earth beneath your feet?

 - A week, a month, six months, a year?

The truth is, if you live in the industrialised world, you are probably having very little connection to the earth at all.

Right now you are standing on an incredible energy source – The Earth.

Every time you walk barefoot on the Earth, you absorb the Earth’s energy in the form of negative electrons which enable you to experience Grounding or Earthing. This practise helps your body balance out the positive electrons from the world around you, helps renew your natural energy levels and generally makes you feel better.

Unfortunately, our modern-day lifestyles prevent us from Earthing on a regular basis. For example, many of us work indoors in offices, factories, hospitals or large shopping malls. Take a look around your work space. Are you surrounded by computers, lighting, electrical equipment, fluorescent signs or music? Do you wear rubber or synthetic soled shoes and work indoors where you are insulated from the Earth’s natural energy?

 If so, your body is being bombarded with positive electrons from the many man-made electrical fields around you.

The result of this is that you can become electron deficient. When you are electron deficient, you may experience things like muscle and joint pain, painful inflammation, elevated stress levels, high blood pressure and poor sleep – to name just a few.

Walking barefoot has a natural anti-inflammatory effect on the body and helps put out the fire of inflammation so your body can heal and regenerate as it should. Walking barefoot feels great too!

The big problem today is that we are missing out on this natural healing energy because we wear rubber or synthetic soles shoes, blocking the electron flow and we just don’t get outside and sit in nature or be outdoors for considerable amounts of time.

How can I get grounded if I work indoors all day you say?

With our Earthing products, the options are endless and it’s easy, natural and requires NO EFFORT! Earthing Sheets and our other indoor Earthing products allow you to soak up the earth’s natural energy while you sleep, work or relax and our great range of Grounding Shoes will enable you to stay grounded all day while you work.

Here is a sample of what our customers are experiencing when incorporating Earthing into their daily lives.

“It has taken about 2 weeks since sleeping on the Earthing Sheet and using the Earthing Mat to see a remarkable change in my husband (42).  He has got his life back and can be part of our family again and start to lead a normal life.

The swelling in his hands and feet has reduced and he can now get straight out of bed and walk normally where as it took him around 2 hours to get mobile.  He can join the family again in social activities and he feels he has more energy and is more focussed.  He also has had a fungus condition affecting his feet since he was about 13 and nothing has been able to fix it and now it’s starting to get better.  He may even be able to reduce his medications.   Earthing is Amazing!”…. Jackie, Victoria

 “For years I have experienced pain in my legs, neck and shoulders. My life was on hold. I spent a lot of time huddled up as I couldn’t bear to move. When I heard about the Earthing products, I thought it was just another gimmick. I tried the bands for 45 minutes and the cramps and pain I got from IBS just went away. I now use the Bands and Half Sheet and overall I feel my body is more flexible. I can do things in the garden I never used to be able to do and I have more of my life back.”….. Janni Walker (68), Mid NSW

Whether you sit at a desk most of the day or are on your feet in a busy retail store or hospital, you can wear Grounding Shoes which contain a special custom carbon and rubber compound embedded in the soles of the shoes. This technology allows for the free flow of electrons from the earth into your body – similar to when you walk barefoot!

When you wear Grounding Shoes indoors, all you need is a Universal Earthing Mat at your work station (desk, behind a counter etc.). So every time you stand on the mat with your Grounding Shoes, you will be getting grounded and energised while you work! The shoes also allow you to get grounded when you walk on grass, sand and soil – even concrete sidewalks.

If you can’t spend at least 30 minutes a day walking barefoot on the earth, try Grounding Shoes.  They are a convenient way to connect back to the healing energies of the earth and you can even do it in your lunch break!









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