Do You Suffer From Numb Feet - How an Australian Doctor is applying Earthing

Earthing has really taken off with over 1 million products being used world wide and the 2nd Edition of the Earthing Book has just been released with new updates on research and observations from around the world.   I would like to share with you an excerpt from the 2nd Edition of the "Earthing" book contributed by an Australian Doctor's experience with Diabetic Neuropathy (numbness of the feet) as well as other important health benefits. Diabetics is a huge problem in Australia as well as around the world so this information is so valuable and must be shared.  

The Australian Experience
From David Richards, M.B.B.S., an integrative family physician in Iluka, New South Wales, we received the following detailed report on his experience with diabetes: 
“In my more than thirty years as a general practitioner, I’ve never had anything to offer patients for diabetic neuropathy.  No doctor really has anything. All we can do is try to optimize blood sugar and control it. But that doesn’t fix the problem of numb feet. Earthing has changed this dilemma altogether.

“In most cases, I have seen at least some improvement of foot numbness after an initial hour grounding session in my office where patients simply put their bare feet on an Earthing mat. Some have not been able to come back immediately but generally improvement lasts for as long as ten days after one session. The more they do, the better, though.

“One diabetic woman said that her numb feet had improved by 75 per cent after that one session. She had never told me she had numb feet. After two sessions, her numbness was totally resolved. To date, the numb feet of twenty-one out of twenty-one patients are mostly resolved!

“I now deliberately target diabetics, even those without complications. I believe Earthing offers preventative benefit by counteracting inflammation and helping improve blood flow to all smaller vessels.

“In my practice, I personally draw blood and I have repeatedly observed the change in blood viscosity. One patient, whose neuropathy resolved, used to have blood that would clot in a normal-sized venesection needle before even making it to the blood tube. Since starting Earthing that doesn’t happen anymore!

“The renal function of three kidney patients has returned to normal. One had been told by a kidney specialist that she would be on dialysis in three years. I started her on an Earthing program at home and when she next visited the specialist two months later she was told that perhaps she would need dialysis in five years. When I heard from her again, she said if it remains stable she will probably never need dialysis. The other two patients are also stable and if they continue Earthing they will likely not need dialysis either.

“One of these patients likes to go fishing barefoot. He remarked how he had forgotten how sharp the rocks were and hot the sand was! He can feel them now. He couldn’t before.
“The other patient now describes the condition as ‘slowly’ progressive renal disease. I have never head the term ‘slowly’ attributed to renal disease.

“The brother-in-law of a good patient of mine reluctantly tried Earthing. He is on dialysis. His specialist told him, ‘I don’t know what you are doing but keep doing it’.

“One patient with vascular disease now sleeps grounded. He chided me during an office visit: ‘Why didn’t you tell me about this years ago?’ His usually cold feet are re-warmed within minutes of contact with the Earthing sheet.
“I have seen diabetic eye disease stabilize in two patients. Another, with glaucoma, reported visual improvement, ‘like cling film being lifted from in front of the television screen.’

“Another individual with a leaking heart valve has experienced resolution based on a recent echocardiogram. His specialist can’t explain it.

“Prior to Earthing, one diabetic patient experienced considerable depression. The depression has improved with twice-a-week Earthing in my clinic over several months.

“I find that medication needs generally are reduced after Earthing. One patient now only takes insulin if she is lax with her diet. Another has reduced daily insulin from 80 units down to 10 or 20 units. I actually warn patients to be alert for improvement and be prepared to reduce doses of some medications, such as blood pressure, thyroid, and glucose meds, and, in particular, blood thinners. For those on blood thinners, such as Coudmadin, I do standard blood-clotting check fortnightly [every two weeks] for about two months, and if the blood is stable, then do it monthly. I haven’t encountered any issues.

“Earthing brings into the treatment equation an entirely unusual prospect. The majority of doctors expect deterioration in patients and the need to add more medication and/or to increase doses. Now, along with noticeable improvements and lowering medication, it seems to me that diabetics over a long period of time will also have less heart disease, less stroke, and better health as a result of Earthing.

“And not just diabetics. I started Earthing a new patient recently. She had spinal surgery twenty-seven years before and hasn’t been able to flex her toes or feel her left foot/lower leg since the operation. She can now! If it weren’t for Earthing, she might have spent the rest of her life carrying what she had always referred to as her ‘dead leg.’

“I have male patients who after sleeping grounded tell me they can pee with more force. Presumably their age-related prostate swelling is somewhat better. Most feel calmer, sleep deeper, and generally feel better overall. I also see better wound healing and a concept quite unusual in my career: blood pressure and thyroid condition improving.

“Medicine doesn’t have many ‘wow’ moments. It is mainly logical thinking with little scope for being somewhat creative. Medicine plus Earthing has provided me lately with some spectacular wow moments.”

-Dr David Richards MBBS, Iluka Wellness Centre, NSW, Australia.


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