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Living the ‘High Life’ – Are You At Risk?

I have been talking to a few retirees over the last couple of weeks who now reside in modern high rise apartments and many are looking for solutions to bad health conditions that doctors can’t seem to help them with. 


So it prompted me to remind those of you living in high rise apartments how important it is to be Earthed while living high off the ground, which could possibly be linked to a higher incidence of stroke and inflammatory disorders.   You can stay Earthed while living up high, quite simply, by scattering a few Earthing Products around living areas and bedrooms, easily connecting through the power outlets.


A recent study conducted at the University of Iowa, USA, monitored seniors over a twelve year period and found a surprising 40 percent higher risk of stroke among those living in multi-story residences compared to ground floor houses. While there were many theories, one that the Earthing Institute wondered was, “if living at a higher electrical potential of several hundred or more volts, along with the lack of immediate ground, might create a significant electron deficiency in the body and have a pronounced effect on health”.  Sounds like the people I was talking to may agree.


So could ‘high living’ – in altitude terms be a high health risk?  According to the Applewhite Study – The Umbrella effect of Earthing, (page 76-77 of the Earthing Book), the higher we are in the atmosphere the higher the electrical charge our bodies are subjected to.  If you are standing outside, wearing shoes or standing on an insulated surface like wood or carpet, there is an electrical charge of some 350 volts between the Earth and the top of your head.  It is around 0 volts at ground level so if you are standing outside in bare feet you are Earthed, your whole body is in electrical contact with the Earth’s surface. 


The charged area is pushed up and away from your head.

This protective phenomenon also occurs inside your house, apartment or office, if you are connected to the Earth with an Earthing product like an Earthing Sheet, Earthing Mat or any other Earthing device.


If you have loved ones living in High Rise it is imperative that you pass on this information so that they can maintain a balanced healthy life, while still enjoying the convenience of apartment living.


And next Sunday is Mother’s Day, a loving gift of a simple Earthing Mat could make a huge difference to the health of your loved ones, especially if they are living high off the Earth.  If the people can’t come down to the Earth, the Earth can come to them!  ►​Click Here To See Our Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Mother Earth always nurturing!


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