Earthing and Jet Lag

Make the Most Of Your Precious Time When Travelling Overseas

The holiday season is approaching, faster than I want it to, and many people plan this time of the year to visit family and friends overseas, however, because Australia is so far from everywhere else plane trips can take many, many tedious hours and by the time you arrive, to excited relatives, you just want to curl up and go to sleep and jet lag can be a real problem.  Well there is something that can help jet lag and it's Earthing.

I wanted to share with you, through my own experiences, a few hints on Earthing while travelling on a plane and what to do when you get to your destination, helping you to reduce tiredness, jetlag and enjoy every precious moment!

Firstly when travelling high up in a plane you cannot Earth the same way that you do when connecting to the ground via bare feet or using a conductive Earthing product, because there is no earth to connect to, however, you can connect to the chassis of the plane which represents a relative ground plane, enough to act as a “sink” into which you discharge the static electricity that builds up on your body and this can help with jet lag.  This is the same as how we ground in a vehicle.

Don't waste a second of your valuable holiday time by being tired

►For short trips – less than 4 hours:

The easiest thing to do, to Earth yourself in a plane, is to slip off your shoes and place a bare foot on the metal seat leg or bolt in front of you, however, I have noticed lately on the newer planes that they have been covering the leg with a type of plastic coating, only leaving the metal bolt exposed.  Still Ok, just make sure you touch the metal bolt section.

►For Longer trips – over 4 hours:

On these trips, where you are more likely to go through many times zones and suffer jet lag,  you will probably want to sleep at some point or move around a lot more so my recommendation would be take an Earthing Product with you, so that you can stay easily connnected, such as:-

The Earthing Auto Seat Pad with included alligator cord:-

This will act the same way it does in vehicles, vibration of the plane on the body will create a sweat layer on the body, which will then transfer through your clothes to the pad, discharging the static build-up, providing it is connected to the metal chassis.

The Auto Seat Pad comes with an alligator clip which allows you to clip it onto the metal seat leg or any metal bars under the seat.  

Sitting on the pad is great as it doesn’t interfere with anything, it’s easy to move about, sleep, set and forget.  You can also rest your hands on it while watching movies or place your bare feet directly on the pad while sitting or reading, etc. 

Get Your Auto Seat Pad

 Personally I like to make bare skin contact to get maximum benefits.

Earthing Body Bands:

I like attaching my Earthing body band to my ankle or arm as I am continually in contact with it and I can leave my shoes on and sleep, etc., knowing that’s it’s always connected.  The only downside with this is that you will have to slip it off when you need to get up and move or use the bathroom.  You will need to use an alligator clip cord with the body band to clip onto some metal.  You can find these in accessories in our web shop.  

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Sometimes connecting to the metal seat leg or bars underneath can be quite tricky as they can be thick or just hard to get to in such a cramped space and the alligator clip will not stay firmly on.  So the easiest way I have found to tackle this is to attach your alligator clip to an Earthing Patch and then simply stick the patch to the metal leg or bars under the seat and use the products as mentioned above.  Just remember to pull the patch off when you leave.

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The Outcome:

We had friends with us on our holiday, they chose not to do anything at all as far as Earthing was concerned, while my husband and myself hooked up to an Earthing Band or Auto Pad, for the 14 hour haul to Dubai.  Our friends were very jealous as we slept for around 6 of those hours, felt fine, enjoyed the trip and were eager to start our day as soon as we got to the hotel.  They on the other hand, didn’t sleep at all, one them fainted when she got up (good friend I was slept through it all!), they said they felt like **** and were basically tired and fed up and felt like they just wanted to go to bed.  Our friends seemed to suffer from jet lag, however, as we were Earthing we had none.

Did Earthing - or reducing the electrical buildup on our bodies, have anything to do with why we felt better and they didn't  – I can’t be certain but my guess is it did and I will continue to Earth when ever I fly for long distances regardless, because I don't want to take the chance of suffering from jet lag. 

What To Do When You Get To Your Destination:

The best thing to do when you get to your destination, you your jet lag is minimised, is to see if you can walk, stand or sit with your bare feet on the Earth for around 30 minutes, however, I know this can be very difficult as in Dubai it was around 45 degrees – that’s very very hot!  And if you’re heading to Europe it’s going to be very, very cold.

  • So make good use of the Earthing products that you took with you – take an appropriate Earthing plug, suitable to the country you're visiting, and then clip the alligator end of the cord into the plug and use your Earthing Auto Seat Mat or Earthing Body bands while resting, reading or watching TV for around 30 minutes. 
  • Try not to sleep until it is your normal bed time in that time zone and ideally take your Earthing Half Sheet, Earthing Pillow Case, Earthing Plush Pad or Earthing Recovery Bag with you so you can sleep Earthed that night and every other night while away.

Half Sheet

99.9% Silver Pillowcase

Soft Plush Pad

Recovery Sleeping Bag

I have found that when you can connect back to the Earth in a different time zone it quickly reduces the effect of jet lag on your body as you co-ordinate with the natural circadian rhythms of the environment.

Of course repeat the whole process when coming home, and from my own experience I have never suffered from severve jet lag from long overseas flights.

If you can eliminate or even reduce jet lag from your overseas travel, you will have far more energy to experience all the fun things you want to do and make use of every minute.

 Enjoy your holiday!

Jim Bagnola, 60, Austin, Texas, Leadership Consultant & Corporate Educator

“In my work, I travel all over the world, so jet lag is always an issue. In my experience, going barefoot and sleeping grounded are the fastest ways to realign to a far-flung time zone. I also sleep more soundly, with more lucid dreaming, and feel stronger physically.

“In the past I have tried all kinds of treatments, remedies, and gadgets to counteract jet lag. Walking on grass and sleeping grounded works for me the most effectively. After returning home to Texas from a recent trip to France, England, and Romania, I recovered within a couple of days. It would otherwise take me a week after an extended trip like that.

“When I arrive at foreign destinations and check into my hotel, I walk barefoot on grass wherever I can find it. This has been a hilarious experience at times. I travel to Romania quite a bit, and in downtown Bucharest I take advantage of a good patch of grass in front of the National Theatre, next door to the Intercontinental Hotel. As I do my twenty minutes of barefoot walking there, people will often stop and watch me circling the grassy area in my bare feet. Some ask what I am doing. I attempt to tell them about grounding and jet lag, and they look at me as if I am crazy. Many cannot speak English so it makes the situation rather humorous. I did get a bee sting once so I have to be careful where I walk. But otherwise, it works great.”

Source: "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?"





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