Earthing and Parkinson's Disease

One Parkinson Patient’s Experience with Earthing and Golf:

This article is with thanks from the Earthing Institute:

Over the years, we have had feedback from patients with Parkinson ’s disease telling us that grounding has reduced the intensity of their symptoms.

We do not know the precise mechanism involved, although we do know that Earthing has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder without a cure.  Its symptoms include tremors (shaking/trembling) that affect the hands, arms, or legs; stiff muscles; slow movement; and balance problems.

The cause of PD has been linked to the malfunction and death of critical nerve cells in the brain involved in the control of movement and coordination. Chronic inflammation is regarded as a prominent factor in neurodegenerative diseases, including PD.  The condition is common in the elderly and believed to affect some 10 million people worldwide, according to the Parkinson ’s disease Foundation.

Recently, we heard from the wife of a retired school principal in Maryland who described how grounding (sleeping grounded on an Earthing half-sheet) made a big difference for her husband.

She said her husband, 71, had been diagnosed with PD almost five years ago.  His symptoms – shaking and stiff muscles or joints − advanced over time to the point that he had to retire.

“I could see the decline in him and began to look at alternative methods,” she said.  “That’s when I learned about Earthing from a friend.”

Within a week after starting grounding, “his tremors were less, his joints not as stiff, and his energy level increased by 50%. He started getting out more and doing more because he felt so great.”

Getting out more meant a return to his beloved pastime of golf.  “He consistently was scoring over 105-110 but then after being grounded for about a month, started scoring in the high 80s and 90s,” she said.

If you are familiar with golf, you know that that kind of improvement will put a big smile on any golfer’s face.

The wife’s story continued:  “My husband then went on a golfing trip for a week and was feeling so great that he did not take his grounding sheet with him. His golf suffered, his energy level went down, and his tremors and joint stiffness increased, to where he was starting to feel pain again.  He was miserable. As soon as he got home he got grounded again and within a few days he was back! Good energy levels, tremors decreased, and joint stiffness lessened!”

Elated for her husband, the wife also reported that she got benefits as well.  “I feel better and have more energy.”

Summing it all up: “WOW, is what I have to say.”

The golfing ex-principal’s anecdote is obviously not a study.  However, his results suggest that individuals with PD should give grounding a try, and the more hours grounding the better.

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