Earthing and Your Electric Blanket

It's that time of the year and a lot of us are using Electric Blankets but what is it doing to you and see how an Earthing Sheet can help!

We get lots of enquiries as to whether you can use an Electric Blanket with an Earthing Sheet or Earthing Silver Pad and the simple answer is YES, however, there are a few things you should know.  If you are using an Earthing Product and only heat your bed up with an electric blanket there is absolutely no damage to the silver in the sheets or pads and even if you do leave your electric blanket on during the night it will not harm them.

Firstly it is not recommended that you sleep with an electric blanket left on throughout the night as it may dehydrate you and leave you lethargic as well as electrical dangers to take into consideration

However, saying that we do know from our conversations with our clients that many people will have to leave them on due to illness, coldness or old age.  What is troubling about this is that the electric blanket may induce a large electrical charge on the body which in turn can build up to free radical damage causing more pain, inflammation and damage to tissues and cells.

The good news is that if you have to leave the electric blanket on while sleeping and you cover it with an Earthing Sheet, it will reduce that electrical charge induced on your body as you will be grounded. 

If you watch our video below you will see how this works.



Through our experience over the years we have found that it is best to cover the whole electric blanket with a fitted Earthing sheet if you intend to leave on throughout the night or make sure your Earthing half sheet or pad is in full contact with your body all night. The reason being if you lose body contact with the half sheet or pad the body can build up a large positive charge from the electric blanket and when you make contact again with the Earthing product it will ground you and you may feel a slight zap depending upon how much charge is in your body. This is not harmful, it is your body discharging the electric charge.

Other ways to stay warm during the colder months is to use a Hot Water Bottle.  If the hot water bottle happens to leak it will not harm the silver in the sheet and you will not get electrocuted as our Earthing Products only connect to the Earth wire of your home and conduct no electricity.

We also have a beautiful warm Earthing Throw Blanket that can be put directly over you while sleeping and used as a top sheet/blanket or you can sleep on it directly as well as use on the couch while watching TV or relaxing.  

So there you have it - stay warm, stay grounded this winter!

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