Earthing Chair Mat Kit

Our new Earthing Mini Mat Kits can be used anywhere you sit or stand and great for those small places where you want to be grounded.

The Earthing® Chair Mat connects you to the earth’s energy through the earthed port of your wall outlet while you work, relax, eat and socialize. Simply make contact with the mat with bare skin or light clothes. Now anywhere you sit or stand you can be grounded.  Use our Earthing Chair Mats on desk chairs, kitchen table chairs or benches, the couch or anywhere you sit or work.  Can also be used as a Mouse Pad.  Convenient for those small places.

When you connect to the Earth's limitless supply of antioxidant producing electrons you equalize out free radical damage, discharge electrical stress and restore your body to its natural electrical state which allows it to heal and repair in a balanced state. This can significantly help with pain and inflammation in the body, reduce stress and even help you sleep better at night - all while you're relaxing or working!  

You can't stop sitting!  You need to sit to eat, work and relax, right?  So why not make sitting a whole lot more healthy with our Earthing Chair Mat!  Click Here For More Information.

Benefits of Using An Earthing Mat:

  • Having the Earth’s free electrons (antioxidants) available to you 24/7
  • Reduced inflammation and pain
  • Improved blood circulation and heart variability
  • Reduced stress, calms the sympathetic nervous system
  • Better Sleep
  • Normalizing effect on the stress hormone cortisol
  • Reducing free radical damage in the body
  • An enhanced immune system

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