Earthing Cord Tips and Tricks

Earthing cords seem to tangle so easily so here are a few quick tips to keep them neat and tidy.

Earthing cords seem to get so tangled and believe me I've experienced the frustration more than others as I'm using them everyday in all sorts of applications.   Our Earthing straight cords are a good length of 4.5 metres and this is very handy when you only have one powerpoint in the room and have a good distance to connect, however, if you have a short distance to plug in there will be a lot of spare cord that is likely to get tangled over time.   When I'm travelling I will quickly put my cord and plug back in the carry bag and this is when it can get quite tangled causing frustration when it is next needed to be connected.  I have also had a lot of you tell me how the cords get tangled and you seem to have the same problem so I have a few tips for you to keep everything neat and tidy. 

The first, I love as it's free, you can recycle and it's so easy to find - watch my quick video.   And below are a few other easy ways - so absolutely no excuses anymore for tangled, messy cords.



I just came across this handy little gadget at one of those homeware shops for around $5.00 so another great neat and tidy method for those cords.

Cord Bobino


And just as easy is to use your freezer bag ties to tie the areas together where you aren't using. One of these ties usually comes with your cords so don't throw away as it may come in handy, just twise on cord at any place to shorten.

So there you have it, very easy ways to put an end to a frustrating problem and if you have any other great ideas we would love to see them.

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Maybe you have another tip you would like to share with us.  Please leave in comments below.

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