Earthing - EMF's, 5G and Dirty Electricity Webinar

Dr Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D discusses Earthing's role in relation to EMF's, 5G and Dirty Electricity. Important information for about our body's ability to cope with these man made frequencies.

In this interview, Dr Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D in Engineering Physics, discusses the top 3 questions asked about Earthing and EMF'S, 5G and Dirty Electricity briefly,  then goes into more depth with EMF's and finishes with customer FAQ about this topic.  The in-depth section is very scientific and most suited for the analytical minds out there, however, if you just want to skip to the questions, fast forward to approx 1.00 hour on the video. Please click on the video below to watch.

Three Top Questions Discussed First:
1. Do people need to worry about Dirty Electricity or ground currents while they are grounded?

2. How can we protect ourselves from high-frequency EMF's, including tablets, computers, wi-fi, wireless, 5G, etc?

3. Are Earthing Products sufficient to protect against EMF's in general and high-frequency EMF's like 5G?

This is a great interview and you will certainly learn what is true and what is false in regards to Earthing and EMFs.  The more we can learn about Earthing the more we can help others with this wonderful healing from the Earth.


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