Earthing Shoes are Coming watch video!

We're excited as our new Earthing Shoes are being packed and will arrrive in Australia shortly.  I know how busy you can be so I thought it easier to present this information in video format so you can just sit down, relax and watch and discover the benefits of the new grounding shoes. In this video we will cover:-

  • 2 Shoes look the same - but are very different
  • Why wearing Earthing shoes could be beneficial to your daily routine
  • How Do they Ground You
  • Comparison Multimeter Testing
  • Address your 3 most asked questions

Written Text:

This video is about Grounding Shoes, Shoes that help you connect back to a beneficial healing source from the Earth.

2 SHOES – both similar but BIG Differences! – both will protect your feet, keep them comfortable throughout the day and both will be an acceptable part of footwear BUT ONLY ONE will be similar to walking barefoot and helping to keep your body in a balanced electrical state – constantly topping up your battery so your body can function and cope sufficiently in daily life and the other will BE DRAINING YOU, putting an artificial barrier between you and the Earth’s healing energy – stopping your body from up taking valuable energy and slowly flattening your battery making it difficult for your body to function and cope as well as it should be naturally doing.

I think it is a no brainer which one your body would prefer?  When our batteries aren’t being fully charged and we are pushing through daily life at FULL SPEED eventually things start to stop functioning as they should and we start to see inflammatory illnesses, auto-immune disorders, stress, pain, sleep problems, creep into our lives and cause havoc with our health and well-being.

By the way…  did you know the foot is covered with some 1300 nerve endings per inch – that’s more than found on any other part of the body of a comparable size?  So it makes sense that the foot has a purpose…. to be touching the Earth! 

By wearing grounding shoes during your normal daily activities may add extra precious hours of earthing and keep recharging your battery over and over again. Your body is functioning 24/7 - it doesn’t stop.  Sleeping grounded for around 8 hours is so restorative BUT you are still exposed to around 16 hours of free radical oxidative stress.  And in today’s modern world your body has the added pressure of being bombarded with so much radiation from microwaves, wi-fi, mobile phones that it needs all the help it can get to be able to cope, function and keep healthy – so the more we can be grounded or Earthed in a 24 hour period the better. 

And from my own experiences and that of others it is clear to me that the more we are Earthed the stronger our immune system and the better we can cope with living in this modern very artificial world.

We are very excited to be bringing Grounding Shoes into Australia that you can wear to EVERY DAY OCCASIONS, SHOPPING, WORK, BBQ’S, PICNICS, WALKING AND AROUND THE HOME.  And the great thing about a grounding shoe is that you will be able to use it with the Universal Mat – Use the mat and keep your shoes on!  HOW GOOD WILL THIS BE for all those people who have wanted to be Earthed during the day but couldn’t take off their shoes for various reasons.

This new range of Grounding will be from Pluggz, who are based in New York and you may have seen them in The Grounded DVD. THEY ARE SO CUTE.     Pluggz shoes connect you to the Earth by this plug which is inserted in the shoe near the K1 Kidney One Point on the sole of the foot.   When that conductive plug touches a conductive surface it allows the Earthing energy to flow right through into your foot and into your body. We have fallen in love with the Pluggz Shoes since they have arrived at our office and are looking forward to them becoming part of our everyday footwear.

Now you might be thinking how effective will they ground me – will they be as good as bare feet?  Well I’m going to show you!

I’ve have connected this Universal Mat to the Earth here on the desk and I’ve got my multimeter and here is a Grounding Shoes.

  1. So first I will take my body voltage just standing here – so that’s around 2.300 volts.
  2. Now I will put my hand on the mat – WOW it’s DROPPED right down to ABOUR .035 volts, remember 0 being the reference point.
  3. Now I will slip my hands in this shoe and put it on the mat – wow look at that n
  4. Now I know what some of you are thinking but I wear socks or stockings so we will test those too.
  5. With Stockings .37 just a little higher but nothing and of no significance – how good is that
  6. With Everyday cotton socks - . 38 still a good result and very close to bare feet.


So you can clearly see that every time you come into contact with a conductive earth surface whether that being grass, dirt, sand, stone, gravel, etc., or a conductive mat you will be Earthed/Grounded.  Your body will be up-taking valuable electrons, maintaining your body’s most natural electrical state, which in turn promotes optimum health and functionality in daily life.  Hopefully in years to come all the soles of our shoes will be conductive

So now I would like to quickly address the 3 main concerns of those who so kindly emailed me back.

  1. How are you going to choose an accurate fit?  And you know that selling shoes on the internet is not the optimum way, however, you are in the forefront, ahead of the herd so to speak  - I can’t see Grounding shoes ending up in Retail Shoe Shops in Australia for a few years yet!  However, the good news is that you will be able to get them from Barefoot Healing, locally in  Australia and we are doing everything we can to address accurate fittings. -   In reality there will be exchanges.  We will be putting on our website with each shoe as many tips as possible to help you find a good fit and in our next video I will go through each shoe and give you some tips we have found about the sizes.


  1. COST! – Most people wanted to know if they would be affordable.  Well what’s affordable to some is not to others.  These shoes have been individually crafted, they are unique – they are not available at any shoe shops.  It has taken a few companies extreme innovation, commitment and a lot of money to be able to bring this type of shoe to the world!  So please keep this in mind.  These shoes aren’t your everyday shoes they are Grounding Shoes helping you maintain your health and well-being.  The shoes are made Leather and suede and are hand crafted and of a very good quality.  The prices will be similar to purchasing quality leather shoes from a reputable department store.     



  1. Big question…..Are they available for men yet?  Yes,  Pluggz supply a men’s style Thong and I have heard on the grapevine a men’s loafer could be on the horizon but I’m not quite sure when this will be – so stay tuned and you’ll be the first to know.


So I hope you’ve enjoyed this update on the grounding shoes and please look out for our next video where I will discuss each grounding shoe further and comment on what we have found.


If you have any comments please post them on our blog site or on our facebook page.


Thank you, again this is Linda from Barefoot Healing, your Earthing Specialist signing off and until next time remember to STAY GROUNDED  – one healthy step at a time!

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