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Sleep Is More Important Than You Think When It Comes To Travel and Germs..... Find out how you can get to your destination without catching a cold.

It’s that time of year when many of us head overseas to enjoy a sun-soaked holiday and of course we want to be in the best health to relish every moment. But did you know that you’re 100 times more likely to catch a cold when you catch a flight to your holiday destination, especially if you’ve had poor sleep before and during your departure? 

A group of German scientists discovered that a decent night’s snooze can improve your immune function. In fact, sleep can make your cells more efficient at attacking invading germs – which is a good thing as there are plenty of them on board a plane, such as surfaces like food trays, armrests and air vents often covered in bacteria. Here are a few tips to keep you vibrant and enjoy those poolside cocktails sniffle free!  

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Sleeping on a plane is very beneficial as it can help your immune system fight off germs and if you can add grounding into that equation you have a pretty good mix.  Grounding or Earthing on a plane is a little different than grounding on the earth, however, it will still eliminate static electrical buildup and keep your body in a better state.  Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder to find a piece of metal to connect to but if you would like to know how to ground yourself on a plane please click here to read my blog.

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