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THE Earthing® Wearables can be used anywhere you stretch, do yoga, sit, relax or sleep

Knee pain, joint pain, RSI of the wrist, long surgery recovery, cold and aching feet are all common problems and are usually fuelled by chronic inflammation.  If you can knock down that inflammation on a daily basis the body has a natural ability to heal and repair itself and get you back to enjoying your life.

Earthing has just released a new range of Wearables, that when connected will bring the earth’s healing energy (anti-inflammatories) directly to the point of injury with comfort and support.  The great thing about these new wearables is that they can be left on all day and just reconnected when convenient to ground yourself again.

The Wearables are best worn against clean skin and need to be connected back to the earth with a connection cord and Earthing plug or by using a grounding rod. There is also a new heavy duty cord to cope with a lot of movement. See my tip below on how to use your wearables without cords.

Our new products are:-

Earthing Wrist and Knee Bands – The bands slide over the whole knee or wrist, giving support to the area while soothing pain, and bringing warmth and healing.  May help with conditions such as sprains, tendonitis, repetitive strain injury, rheumatoid arthritis and faster surgery recovery to name a few.

Earthing Socks – Are worn like regular socks giving support to feet and ankles, while again soothing pain and swelling as well as helping with conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bad circulation, diabetic neuropathy and ankle injuries.

Linda’s Tip:

If you are using a connected Earthing Mat and are wearing the Earthing Socks there is no need to connect the socks back to the Earth as the silver in the socks will make them instantly conductive. The new Earthing Socks will be absolutely wonderful for those colder days and will ground you instantly when used with the mat.

You can wear the socks or bands, without cords, while sleeping on an Earthing Sheet, Blanket, or Sleep Mat and they will become conductive due to the silver component.  Wearing the Earthing bands and socks while sleeping will give the area of distress extra support, warmth, circulation and a big dose of nature’s anti-oxidants all in the comfort of your bed.  

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