Effortless Earthing

A friend of mine called the other day to tell me about her latest purchase – a super blender that turned any fruit, nut and raw vegetable concoction into a creamy smoothie in just seconds. “It makes smoothie-making effortless,” she told me.

Immediately I thought to myself, wearing Grounding footwear makes Earthing effortless too!

I mean, how easy is it to just go about your day knowing you are grounding yourself with every step you take? You don’t have to do anything special except slip on your favourite Earthing shoes in the morning and immediately you are reaping the benefits of the earth’s free electrons.

Of course you can walk or sit barefoot on the ground – this is a very effective and calming way to enjoy the Earth’s energy. But on a practical level, the majority of us simply do not have the time to earth barefoot every day for 30 minutes. There are also plenty of reasons why a lot of people don’t want to walk barefoot – safety, hygiene and bad weather are just a few! As adults too, I think sometimes we act a little too grown-up when it comes to safety … you don’t have to ask a child twice if they’d like to run barefoot outside! And don’t they come back so refreshed from a barefoot play outdoors – that’s because they have just spent 30-60 minutes reconnecting with the earth and receiving an uptake of electrons. They’re getting a free recharge of antioxidants in the body!

I simply hate being disconnected from the Earth and there is nothing more I love than feeling grass or sand between my toes.

Our Universal Mats are perfect to use indoors with your comfortable Earthing Shoes!

But my busy lifestyle means without Earthing footwear, I’m insulated from the earth’s natural flow of electrons every time I wear rubber, plastic or other synthetic footwear, or walk on wooden or sealed flooring surfaces (indoors and outdoors). In other words, the homes we all live in, the cars we drive, our workplaces and the clothes we wear keep us electrically disconnected from the Earth!

So who could benefit from wearing Grounding Shoes? How about all those hard-working nurses out there who spend countless hours on their feet inside hospital wards and in nursing homes caring for others. I doubt many of our nursing staff would get much time to kick off their shoes and reconnect back to the Earth and restore electrons in their bodies so they don’t become electron deficient.

How about those of you who spend long days in office blocks, seeing very little of the outdoors? Or perhaps for whatever reason you are unable to walk outside barefoot on a regular basis – the elderly, injured, or disabled.

Most modern shoes and building materials disconnect us from the earth so to feel your best, I encourage you to put your best foot forward and get Grounded today. I am constantly humbled and amazed at the amount of positive feedback I get from people whose pain, inflammation and symptoms of illness have decreased since incorporating Earthing products such as our Earthing Shoes, into their daily lives.

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