Electrons and Earthing

Electrons & Earthing

No matter what your state of health right now, having electrons from the earth moving through your body on a regular basis (preferably daily) is so important for your health!

Over the years I’ve not only read about and heard so many success stories from people who have taken up Grounding or Earthing, I’ve experienced it for myself first hand. It really has been life changing.

I often get asked how electrons move through the body, as unlike most electrical wiring in homes, we don’t have copper wiring inside us to conduct electricity! But according the experts behind Earthing, when we do earth, some form of healing begins in the body 20-30 minutes after Grounding or Earthing the feet! How good is that!

Those who have been involved in years of research behind Earthing have put forth several theories about how electrons from the earth are transported (P260 Earthing). They include:

  1. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS): This vital part of the nervous system helps regulate heart and respiration rates, urination, digestion, perspiration and even sexual arousal. According to the authors of “Earthing” the most likely ANS elements for electron transit are free nerve endings such as in hair follicle receptors and in branches of peripheral nerves in the dermis. It is possible that electrons “hop on” nerves and end up in the bloodstream, where they are transported through the body via uric acid or other antioxidants present in the blood.


  1. The Meridian system: According to this system, there are a series of interconnecting pathways within the body through which energy flows. With Meridians, energy flow affects how we think and feel so if one of the body’s life forces becomes blocked, imbalances result. If you are Grounding or Earthing, electrons from the earth enter via the K1 acupuncture point on the bottom of the foot and are distributed to the rest of the meridians and the body.


  1. The Living Matrix: The incredible network of conductive tissue inside and outside our cells which has energetic connections throughout the body may provide storage space for “extra” electrons.
Incredible! And this free uptake of electrons doesn’t just apply to us humans – our pets can benefit from Earthing too, especially pets that are kept indoors for the majority of their lives. You only have to watch dogs in a backyard – they always seem to find a nice sunny spread themselves out on the grass or they dig a hole and lay in the dirt for hours on end – they’re Earthing! So if you have an indoor pet, you may wish to Earth them on a Plush Pad, Universal Mat, or invest in a half sheet for yourself and experience the benefits of Earthing first hand!

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