Faking It Takes Off – What’s Earthing Products got to do with this!

I read an interesting article in the paper about how fake “synthetic” grass is taking over in the back and front yards of suburban homes in Australia.   Its popularity is due to no mowing, no watering and its durability with children and especially dogs - it certainly sounds wonderful!
However, this is another example of how modern technology, while great and innovative to save us time, is totally disconnecting us from the innate health benefits from the Earth.  


Our children and our pets are going to be the next major victims of inflammatory problems and unexplained illnesses as they are the ones most likely to be outside playing barefoot - now on plastic grass and will be totally disconnected from Earthing the body and up taking valuable electrons (antioxidants) to keep the body balanced.  Even your dogs will be at a disadvantage as they intuitively know to lay on the earth to heal their bodies and no doubt they will be heading to the garden beds to instinctively keep healthy. If these backyards with fake grass don’t have garden beds, their four legged friends will be the next casualities over time with inflammatory related illnesses and racking up huge vet bills.

Even running out barefoot to hang the washing on the line or water the garden is beneficial to the body and these small bouts of barefoot connection will also be lost. 

For some this may mean total disconnection from Earthing the body 24/7!

Could you fall into this category? 

Here is an example so you can see how easily it could be totally disconnected from the Earth and it’s health benefits: -
  • Get up out of bed – put on slippers and head off to have breakfast, walking on a covered floor with carpet, tiles, wood, etc.
  • Get ready for work, school, etc., and put on some form of synthetic footwear to comply with safety and health regulations dictated by government authorities.  While at work and school you no doubt will be surrounded by electronic devices constantly up taking huge amounts of positive (bad) charges to the body.
  • Kids run around at school in the asphalt playgrounds with shoes on.  Preschoolers play outside, with shoes off but on synthetic grass.
  • Kids home from school – kick of shoes and race out to the back yard to play – great except for the fact they are now playing on a non-conductive plastic surface and totally disconnected from up taking any electrons (anti-oxidants) into the body.  One advantage is they are still getting fresh air and some vitamin D!
  • Mum and Dad get home and kick off their shoes and it feels wonderful being barefoot, however, they are now walking on carpet, wooden floors or tiles, again totally disconnected from the Earth’s healing benefits. 
  • Dad goes and waters the front garden with bare feet, however, he is standing on synthetic grass and totally disconnected from the Earth’s electron uptake and his free anti-oxidants - maybe watering the garden is not so de-stressful as it was before he had fake grass. He starts hosing and walking barefoot on his attractive coloured painted, sealed driveway and again still being disconnected by sealers and paints.
  • Family gets ready for sporting/exercise activities and on go their expensive high performance synthetic soled foot wear, again totally putting a layer between them and the Earth’s healing electrons should they walk on the earth.
  • Back home and time for relaxation – watch TV or get on the computer.  Uptake loads of positive charge to store up in the body and create an army of Free Radicals to attack good cells and steal your very small supply of negative electrons.  No earthing going on here - just stealing of your good electrons.
  • Time for bed and sleeping in a nice padded bed off the floor and maybe even on a 2nd or more floor above the Earth, usually surrounded by alarm clocks, lights, mobile phone charges, electricity wiring and maybe even your home electrical box right behind your bedhead – again soaking up lots of positive charges to cause free radical damage and inflammation.  Totally disconnected from the Earth and in a very artifical environment to the human body.
  • Wake up and it all happens again. 
This may not be exactly what you do and I am sure you can add a few more scenarios in here, however, can you see how we can go through life on a daily basis being totally disconnected from the Earth’s healing electrons and how a lot of us have become “Electron Deficient”! We wonder why we have pain, inflammation and unexplained illnesses that our Doctors can’t assess - we have totally lost our natural connection to the Earth and it's benefits.  

The Earth gives us Water, Air, Food and it also give us a way (free electrons)  to heal and repair our bodies.  You can change all of this easily and simply by having Earthing Products around the home and get an abundance of free electrons (anti-oxidants)  to counteract all those Free Radicals you have been accumulating all day and night and neutralize their damaging effects on the body and putting out the fire of inflammation.

First and foremost is to sleep Earthed by using one of the Earthing Sheets available – there is one to suit every size bed and your budget.  By sleeping Earthed you are getting around 8 hours of health improving free electrons into the body making your body abundant with a negative charge instead of deficient. And all you have to do is sleep your way to better health!

Secondly, set up mats and pads around your home – so you can be up taking these valuable electrons while relaxing, working or exercising, etc.  Have a universal mat at all computer/electronic stations, a couple of plush pads in the TV room or reading/meditation room.  Maybe a foot band while you exercise on the treadmill, etc.  Anywhere you spend an hour of so just doing what you are doing you can be up taking the valuable health benefits of the Earth with absolutely no down time whatsoever!

Thirdly, if you don’t like walking barefoot, try the Groundals – a fully conductive soled thong.  The Groundals will allow you to walk with protection to your feet while up taking valuable electrons if you are on a conductive surface – it is exactly the same as walking barefoot but without the hazards.

If you can see yourself, family or friends, in this ungrounded example above their health and well-being will be suffering, and you now have a simple and easy way to get back what has been taken from you through our modern existence.
It is possible to stay healthy how nature intended while still enjoying all the mod cons of the 21st century. 

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