Handy App To Compliment Your Earthing

Improved health can be as simple as just making better choices, such as choosing to sleep Earthed every night, however, while Earthing has amazing benefits, Earthing is not a “cure all” and it’s good to take a holistic approach with your body and its interaction with other things.  When you compliment Earthing with this holistic approach, we often see bigger improvements with long standing health issues.

One the first places that is beneficial to start with is being aware of what you are putting in your body and on your skin and while your intentions may be good sometimes the products that are chosen are just downright deceiving using words such as “pure and natural” to lure us in – you buy it and end up unknowingly putting harmful chemicals in your body which can then have huge side effects.

I like to know what’s in my food and skin creams and the Chemical Maze Book has been in my place for many years and I use it quite regularly, however, it’s not usually until I get products home that I discover they have nasties in them. I was delighted to discover that The Chemical Maze Company now have an App that you can load onto your phone and when out shopping, you can just type in the code numbers that you find on the back of your food or body products and you can see if the products are OK or not with little smiley faces being displayed and then go to further screens if needed.

As we nearly all have mobile phones today it’s so easy to use and you can get the facts right there and then before purchasing and make an informed decision before you actually buy it and put it in or on your body.

There is a small charge to pay, however, it’s so handy to have.  Also if you would like to purchase the books, Bill, from the Chemical Maze has kindly given our Earthing subscribers a 20% discount that you can use on any of the books.  Please quote BFH at the Chemical Maze Website Checkout, it will be valid until 19th March,2016

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