Mother's Are Amazing!

Mothers, you are the ultimate CEO’s of the family, and few would disagree.

The many hats you wear are incredible – the financial advisor, the negotiator, the bus driver, the nurturer, the bodyguard, chef, comforter and bedtime storyteller. The career woman, the cleaner, lover, fashion consultant, hairdresser, nurse and keeper of secrets.

I am constantly amazed at how mothers manage all these roles so fearfully and wonderfully. Even when exhaustion kicks in, mothers are willing to put the needs of their children and their husband ahead of their own at the peril of their own health. 

Time and time again I meet and talk to mums who stretch themselves above and beyond for the sake of their family,and will order Earthing Sheets or Earthing Mats for their children and grown up children but not for themselves.  

How do we all do it?

I believe it is the incredible capacity we have been given as women to be able to give so much.

“I love the mother as the trees love water and sunshine – she helps me grown, prosper, and reach great heights.” – Terri Guillemets

I’m sure you will agree that as women and mothers, we take immense pleasure in seeing our family grow and prosper. From the time our children take that first step, enter their first running race, fall in love, apply for their first job or travel abroad, we want our children to love life and make the most of all the gifts and talents that dwell inside them.

So from me to you this Mother’s Day, I say well done. Congratulations on the work you do. And I’m not just referring to the work you may get paid for. I say congratulations for all the work you do behind the scenes on a daily basis. The late at night behind the scenes work that no one ever sees. The work you do that is paid out in hugs and kisses from your family. You are truly amazing.

Because of all you do you, this is why Earthing Indoors is amazing!!.  When you finally retire and fall into bed exhausted on an Earthing Sheet, you can re-charge your battery, without any effort, with all those wonderful free electrons, so your body can regenerate, heal and repair and get ready to do it all over again the next day with energy, good health and vitality.

Happy Mother's Day!!



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