Is Fluoride Building Up In Your Bones?

Did you know that 50% of fluoride that you drink or bathe in will be stored in your bones. Our Propur Water Filtration Systems helps eliminate over 200 contaminants in your drinking and shower water easily and economically.

I don’t know about you but I don’t like the idea of having fluoride added to my water supply.  I would prefer to drink my water as pure as possible, however, most water in Australia has chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals added.

According to a report, from the USA National Institute of Healthfluoride accumulates in our bones contributing to bone problems.  Around 50% of the fluoride is eliminated and 50% stored in in our bones.  So while you may think this is not relevant enough to worry about, over the years all those sips and swigs add up to a considerable amount of stored fluoride.
And from another report, from Nuclear Medicine Communication, fluoride has also been shown to accumulate in our cardiovascular system as well.

Now it’s virtually impossible to eliminate your fluoride exposure completely, even if we drink filtered water, as you will find it in grocery items, takeaway food and fresh produce. Plus we shower or bathe every day and what goes on our skin is also absorbed into our body. 

So it’s really hard to totally eliminate it but if you can cut it right down your absorption levels are considerably lower and your bones will be storing less and that can only be a good thing!

I know many people think their Brita jugs are getting rid of the fluoride but they don’t!  You need a really good filter to reduce it.  You can eliminate it by using a reverse osmosis system – really expensive or use one of the Propur Water Filtration Systems that we are now bringing in from the USA.  Propur is one of the most trusted and most tested systems on the market today.  Each system has an independent report and you can see how much fluoride, among other nasties, are removed.  Propur also have shower filters that reduce around 200 contaminants including fluoride. 

And the good news is that Propur is celebrating the festive season with 15% off their entire range of filter systems.  You deserve not to be a victim of fluoride so start reducing fluoride today - the easy way and get yourself a Propur Water Filtration System from as little as $110!

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