Juil Summer Sandal Review

     Cosi - Black

  Dalli - Pewter/W

  Kava - Luggage

  Luna - Off White

  Santi - Black

  Saffi - Pewter


These pretty Juil sandals connect you back to the Earth via the small copper dots near the toes.  I have measured with the multimeter and when the foot has perspired slightly they will conduct almost as well as if you were barefooted.

Things I have noticed with the sandals while trialling over the Holiday break:

  • As I have smaller toes, when I first put the sandal on, I noticed that my toes only just touched the tip of the copper dots, however, after the leather toe strap softened with wear my toes moved up further on the copper dots, covering them more.
  • The sizing is similar to fittings here in Australia and if you take a half size go up to the next size for a comfortable fit.
  • The leather is nice and soft and I have had no rubbing or blisters.
  • I have found them a nice sandal to wear to social events as well as shopping, the office, the beach and just general day to day wear.
  • They are fashionable, made well and great for the Australian warm weather and I have had several compliments on the appearance of the sandals.
  • They are comfortable to wear and offer a raised heal so they are not completely flat.
  • Some styles may suit wider feet and some narrower feet - you will find fitting tips on the web site.

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Conclusion:  A great range of sandals for the Australian spring and summer months, fashionable and with the added benefits of keeping you connected to the Earth by walking on Earth conductive surfaces or using your indoor Earthing Mat and at comparable prices to quality leather sandals.




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