Lead Found In One in 12 Tap Water and How Propur Filters Can Help

I was surprised to to hear a recent news story that one in 12 tap water samples taken form NSW households exceeded safe amounts of lead.  Who would have thought lead would be a problem today as there has been more focuss on the dangers of fluorides and glyphosates contaminating our drinking water. Clean, toxic free water has been on our agenda for awhile and that is one of the reasons we decided to introduce Propur Water Filteration Systems into our line of products as it is one of the rare water systems that remove fluorides, heavy metals as well as other nasty toxic chemicals.   The study that found the lead in our drinking water was conducted by Macquarie University and Australian parents have been warned of the potential risks of giving children tap water as lead exposure can lower IQ, have serious effects on early brain development and increase the risk of cognitive damage and behaviourial problems. Babies who drink formula made with tap water and young children are at most risk.  By the way the University suspects that these unsafe amounts of lead in our water supply will be Australia wide.


The reason for this high lead contamination has been identified to plumbing and tap fittings, meaning even clean water is at risk of contamination. So the best way to deal with the problem is to check tap fittings and replace if needed with lead free plumbing fittings and taps, apparently not easy to find in our hardware stores at the moment.   Otherwise our new Propur Gravity Fed Systems completely by-pass all tap fittings, without the need to replace plumbing while still removing lead, fluoride and many more harmful chemicals. The Propur Countertop and the Propur Free Standing Water Pitcher will also give you clean lead free water and bypass any tap fittings.   The Propur systems are easy to instal, use and there is one to suit every situation and budget.  Don't take a chance with your general health, mental health and especially that of young children's developing brains when there is an accessible easy solution available. ►Click here to view our range of Propur Water Systems.


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