More Than Likely Your Drinking Water is Dirty and Contaminated from Fires and Drought!

With the harsh summer conditions of the bush, house and factory fires as well as droughts, chemicals, ash and debris are ending up in our waterways and dams. Don't risk what you could be drinking every day - go with a good quality Propur filter.

Last long weekend I headed down the coast for a short break and to help give some money back to the local community and as always I took my Propur Filter Jug with me so that I could drink filtered clean water. 
To my surprise, just after just 3 days, my new filter was extremely discoloured - see picture below. (Can be cleaned with a scourer)

So if this is how the filter looks just after 3 days – how are your insides looking after months of drinking contaminated water.

With the unfortunate events of bushfires and droughts who knows what is ending up in our drinking water. As you can see, for the south coast, it’s not good and I certainly wouldn’t want this water going into my body. 

The only way to stay safe is to drink purified water and our Propur range takes out over 200 contaminants and is designed for these types of "preparedness" conditions.  Even plastic bottled water may contain Bisphenol-A, known as BPA, which release chemicals that act like estrogen and disrupt hormonal balance and even more chemicals if the bottles are left in the heat and sun. 

Water is the elixir of life - so make sure it's clean and doing you good!  We have a range of systems to choose from to suit all budgets and with Afterpay and ZipPay available you can pay them off.  If you need any help on these units please send me an email or call our office on 1300 327 84 or take a look at our Propur Water Filter Range by clicking here.

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