Myopia - A dramatic increase from 2% to 60% in our kids - why?

Many times I write about spending more time outside barefoot, Earthing, and replenishing our body with beneficial ‘electrons’, however, it has now been proven that it’s even more important to get outdoors, especially for young children, so that they don’t develop early Myopia - short sightedness which could lead to serious problems later in life.

Alarmingly in just one generation the prevalence of Myopia in young children has jumped from 2% to a whopping 60%!  The main reason, is not genetic but environmental.  Young children are spending more time indoors and less outdoors and according to the story on Catalyst they need to get a good dose of outdoor light each day.  I encourage you to watch this program by clicking on the video below.  This is a very important message to pass on to all with young children, however, we can all benefit by extra outdoor time and it may even improve existing Myopia!


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